Every time I revisit a great work of literature, new meanings pop up to greet me. For me, these are the truest of writings – grounded in ever evolving truth.

I am writing such a tome – and so are you, each and every one of you 🙂

New Meanings

Is your journal a good read?

Invest some time, reflect and let the words of your life speak to you.

See, perceive, relish. A decade later, re read – let your passages surprise you.

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  1. Very true Eric. I find it happens often when I reread my poetry, short stories, and thoughts… a new insight, something I could have changed to give a little different twist; oh ya, you nailed it with this one!

    1. Hello Steve,

      New insight means two things – we are growing and our words are living words.

      Incidentally, not all authors or poets write living words. You my friend, have every right to take quiet pride in what you’ve written. Having read your words, I can further attest to this.

      Well done and congratulations,

  2. Sometimes, in my case at least, it is my perspective that has changed and the meaning and lesson comes through presenting itself to me in a new way, maybe because I am older, wiser than decades ago. 🙂 Trying to catch up on your posts, etc.

    1. Hello Joyce,

      Exactly – that’s how I feel too. With age comes many gifts – although there are many who would rather dwell on the temporal inconveniences.

      I did wonder about your absence here – but hey, no worries. Take your time 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

      1. Yes, I was trying to catch up on blogs and posts. I too, have had some internet issues lately and with my printer, a problem as I am making hard copies of all my past writings and poems, and stories, even though I have an external hard drive. And, have been working on writing projects, too.

  3. Well expressed, Eric, and so very true. I love re-reading and finding new meanings either on my blog or in my “neglected” journal. Actually, this has nothing to do with writing, but I like seeing a movie a 2nd time, too, because of things I missed the 1st time…have a great evening! 🙂

    1. Hello Janna,

      Blogging is a form of journal keeping, I reckon.

      You’re right – we need to stand back to perceive with greater clarity that which we are deeply into.

      All good wishes,

  4. this is so true, i dont have a journal but i look back on past writing and they reflect how i felt how life was for me at that timei learn a few things enjoy a few memories see where i can improve, it’s all good!

    1. In one sense, we all write journals – and shall review them when the time is upon us.

      In this modern age, to a large extent, photographs and videos have replaced written journals. Blogging and other social media platforms complement these, I reckon.

      All good wishes,

  5. I kept journals in the past and have letters I wrote to my children as babies and now write to them once a year. They find it interesting to read and they are amazed I did this for them. I love seeing the memories too. Like your musings here.

    1. Hello June,

      I think what you do is lovely – writing for your children. Great shared memories, the writings bring forth.

      Thank you for your visit and sharing.

      All good wishes,

  6. Is true, is hard to see ourselves or remember how we use to be back in the days unless we read what we wrote,we feel what we felt back then and we see how different our thoughts are now compare to back then.

    1. Very true, Franky

      We might see old pictures and think we recall – but nothing like actually reading our words.

      Thank you for this, your first comment on my blog,
      P/s Can’t click into your blog from Elpogi.wordpress.com > you need to check your settings.

  7. I always found it weird to read my own writings over and over again, but I also liked it because it helps me learn about me and who I was or still am. And this poem explains that same thought perfectly.

    1. Self discovery can be some of the greatest discoveries, I reckon.

      Thank you for this, Vela, your first comment here 🙂

      All good wishes,

  8. I started Julia Cameron’s the Artist’s Way – she recommends the Morning pages: Write 3 pages every morning whether inspired or not. I started over 20 years ago and still do them. The idea is to return to them to re-read and notate them 6 months to a year later. This was some of the best advice I’ve gotten on unblocking creativity. I began to see patterns and suddenly my life and work showed a progression I hadn’t seen before. I drew from these insights to create new work.
    Thanks for the good post.

    1. This is a very useful comment – something worth pursuing perhaps. Yesterday, I gave a talk on writing to a group of writers and aspiring writers, and one of the areas covered was – writer’s block. Thank you very much for this sharing.

      Your first visit and comment, I see. Welcome aboard and thank you for subscribing to my blog. I’ve ticked to receive your updates too 🙂

      All good wishes,

  9. My journal from when I was 13 and taking Tennis lessons makes me blush! I had a school girl crush on my instructor. The way I described him brings me right back to having those ‘butterflies’ again. The comedy of errors I made during that summer and fall were remarkable. I felt embarassed sweating so much in front of that cute guy. He’d comment about how flushed I ‘d get and I’d fib and say it was because of my long, thick mane. One day I wore perfume thinking it would attract him, and as it turned out, a different instructir was filling in…and he commented that I had too much on. Glad my instructor wasn’t the one getting a whiff of me! Lesson learned, wearing perfume to a tennis lesson turns your face more red than the actual activity of the tennis lesson.
    Thanks for taking me back to my age of innocence.

    1. Thank you for this sharing, Eva dearest 🙂

      LOL – that must have been quite embarrassing for a young girl 🙂

      Tennis Lesson One – keep the skirt short, keep the perfume at home – some instructors love the peeks and the raw smell of female odour 🙂

      Incidentally, horses sweat, men perspire and women – and especially Eva – you sparkle 🙂

      Much luv, hugz and prayers coming your way from a friend,

      1. Aww Eric, when I run, I sweat buckets! But if it deems me more wondrous, then sure, I’ll be sparkling! Hehe. You’re so kind!

        Yes, it was very embarrassing! Wish you could’ve been around back then to let me know how to catch the cute instructor’s eye.

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