Vampyre – Part Two of Four

Remember that young lady on a business trip and how she met that dark riveting man —

Red Wine Night 33_WFF by EA

After 9/11, they tightened hotel security.

They watch the doors but who watches the windows?

Recall their first encounter > Not A One Night Stand


Hope you enjoyed this 33 word flash fiction



    1. Hello Val,

      Thank you for back tracking – appreciate this. Catch the final part on Tuesday 25th and then decide whether it is a dream come true or a nightmare this young lady has to live with


  1. I read that old vampires fly, the young ones only levitate–is she in for a surprise when an old dude shows up at her 24th-floor window?

    1. Vampires can change into any so-called ‘evil’ creature of the night – they can fly when they take the form of bats. They also have the ability to flow like the fog through key holes, etc.

      Vampires look old when deprived of fresh blood – but otherwise, they look their physical best.

      As far as all these ‘modern’ vampires on shows go – well, their authors are letting their imagination run wild – must be the cheap whiskey chased with ice.

    1. Hey, that’s a good one, Jasey dearest

      Vampires are not known to be monogamists – recall, old Drakul had three wives – that makes – Knock! Knock! Knock!

  2. Hmm, In my mind that is one very foolish girl heading for disaster. Are vampires fertile? The possibilities for chapters three and four are endless – guess I’ll have to wait alongside her!

    1. Many foolish people out there – giving in to imaginary and fleeting pleasures, Jane.

      Vampires are not fertile – one does not need to be when life is (for them) everlasting.

      I’m waiting alongside her with me little kit of holy water, spike & mallet and a crucifix – Damn! Made in China!

      1. He wasn’t at all bad actually, I saw him many a time! I wonder, did Johnny Depp ever try vampiring?

      2. Johnny Depp – not that I know of. The last I saw him, he was sinking with his pirates’ ship into a whirlpool. He is Deep 🙂

      3. Oh I think he’s done something since…I’ll have to look into that…he’s played some pretty gruesome parts you know, I’d be surprised he never tried to be a vampire!

    1. Yes, the dark Mysterious One is a past master in puncturing – jugular veins as well as love.

      I particularly like this dialogue:
      “Love? How can I love —- when I don’t have a heart!”

    1. Ah, yes, Yoshiko dear – there is something about black satins that draws out the animal in most men – or, should that be – draws out animal-like men 😈

      1. Really, Yoshiko – I hope you’re not teasing me.

        Anyway, ask your husband as he would be better placed to enlighten you.


      2. Yeah, Eric, I’m not teasing you. Am I living in the cave? Because my husband tend to laugh at me in what I don’t know? 🙁

    1. Okay Susan – I know you have a weak spot for these tall dark beings of the night. There are four parts to this little series – wait for the last one.

      👿 👿 👿 👿

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