Glug! Glug! Glug!

Do we flee, fold or freeze?

Chicken, possum or rabbit?


There are several more options, at least one a little irreverent 🙂

Want to make some guesses?

Would love to hear them – come on, take a stab 🙂


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    1. Yes, I read about that too and can think of many other ways to spend that money for more worthwhile projects. But, it is theirs and up to them to spend as they wish, I suppose.

  1. The unknown cuts deep
    Pulls me under sin debate
    I called out
    But breathed in aqua reality
    At some point
    I resurfaced
    The sun warmed my back
    And I floated
    As a buoy of acceptance

  2. I suppose I’m a bit late in reading this, Eric, and after reading all of your replies, I’m just in awe..I love your Titanic poem and the other contributor’s, as well…so many profound lines…

    I saw this movie once and that was good enough for me. The story was just too sad, passengers drowning, simply because of their economic status, along with it being based on a true story. Many were so enthralled with the love story, but for this one time (since I’m such a romantic), I looked past that and could only watch it once. Maybe I have issues, I don’t know! 🙂 I hope I’m not offending you…

    Great poem, as always, though! I have always looked up to your writing talents, Eric, and will continue…

    1. Lauren, my dear,

      You’re right – there were many talented people who commented and contributed here.

      I’m not much of a romantic and was aware that studio executives had their eyes on the till – hence they weaved in that romance and pulled it off quite well, if I might add.

      We both know what it means to read about a thousand people dying in a bomb blast – appalling but another 3-minute news clip! But when we watch one abandoned child, finger in mouth, bewildered eyes and wailing achingly over the body of her bloodied mother – that hits home, hard. In times like that, an almost uncontrollable rage wells within me towards politicians, big businesses and religious fanatics. It bothers me no end to confront this weakness. If this means I have issues – then we share the same boat (pun unintended).

      The romance in Titanic added to the tragedy immensely that no statistic could convey.

      I saw no offence in your comment and none was taken.

      You finish off with a nice compliment dear, as always, and I treasure your readership.

      Luv and hugz,

  3. I don’t know if there’s an animal equivalent, but you could backstab everyone around you to survive, like push others out of the lifeboat. Not that I’d recommend that…:)

    1. Hello Colin,

      Followed the link for two reasons – I know you always write very well and you got me with that “very short” tempt.

      Wonderful take on the Titanic – let’s blame it on the bads guys 🙂

      We are tiger, owl and unicorn as the circumstances warrant, I suppose.

      Cheers, Eric

  4. This will be a package for me. First despair, next struggle, then a lookout for hope and viola, I’m still alive.
    But if it the end has come, then surrender it is to the will of the above.

    1. Good one D.R. – many many thanks for this contribution 🙂

      Here’s one from me:-

      Arrogance drove them
      Large dose of imperial pride
      For that, thousands died

    2. Good day D.R.

      You posted a haiku here. I am making a post to feature your haiku and other haiku contributions into a Haiku Gallery this Saturday – all with due copyright credit to you and link back to your Blog.

      Please confirm whether this is okay with you.

      Thank you for your response,

      1. Googled this on wikipedia > “When threatened or harmed, they will “play possum”, mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal”

    1. We have possums up here. They are homely animals, the only species of marsupials up here, and if they feel threatened they will play dead. Being the repulsive little beasts they are, they do it rather well. Nonetheless the poor who live in remote areas of the American mid-west eat them. They are said to be tasty enough, rather greasy, but small. I found one playing possum outside our back door in St. Louis one morning.
      My take on Titanic is this: if you are going to go down with the ship, despair is totally a waste of time. It is always better to have hope and save as much as can be saved, even when you are feeling quite the contrary.

      Drowning or freezing
      Slowly in boats or quickly
      in water. Who cares?

      That is not really quite what I mean, but I am not so good with haiku.How about

      Drowning, freezing, life
      boat or water – if death comes
      at least make him smile.

      That’s not it either. Sorry.

      1. Hello Carroll,

        There is abundant information on the internet but nothing like a personal snippet – thank you for this sharing. Much appreciated.

        Titanic – it is open to several interpretations depending on one’s inclination. As you probably know, most of my poems/haiku tend to be tangential. For me, your “take” comes across as raw and to the bone – and I subscribe to it.

        Love your two versions on the same theme – belief me, your haiku are better than many I’ve come across, including my own. My favourite is the second version – Turning adversity into an opportunity to spread joy > even to the one who means you “harm”.

        Interestingly, this is the theme I write about in today’s “haiku” which will be posted in a couple of hours’ time. Hope to have you read.

        Cheers, Eric

    1. Janine,

      You posted a haiku here. I am making a post to feature your haiku and other haiku contributions into a Haiku Gallery this Saturday- all with due copyright credit to you and link back to your Blog.

      Please confirm whether this is okay with you.

      Thank you for your response,

      1. Eric,
        Of course I am honored that you consider my haiku good enough to add to your Gallery. Thank you so much for the compliment, and I am elated to be included.
        Peace and love,

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