1. Glad you found it so, Val.

      Balance is something we all need though we don’t always perceive or receive.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Nice article on the state of American politics. I did not comment as I don’t know enough about local politics. I get the impression that politicians everywhere are from the same mould —

  1. More great words to think about, Eric, and how many of us take this gift for granted? How often do we have “selected seeing?” Your haiku are awesome, my friend! Sending many hugs your way! xx

    1. Both pertinent questions, Lauren.

      When a friend gives us a gift which we toss aside – what would we say when he asks – “Did you like my gift?”

      To add a religious (not neccessarily of any particular faith) slant:

      He has given us this Gift and when we finally meet Him, what would we say when He asks – “I waited long for you. How did you get lost, did my Gift not work?”

      Thank you for your visit and lovely comment.

      Luv and hugz,
      Eric 🙂

      1. Wow, I love your example, too, especially, the religion question, Eric…it really makes one stop and think…there are so many different angles! xxx 🙂

    1. Thank you Jen,

      In the short time you have been in Blogsville, you’ve touched many with your shining light. This award is befitting. Congratulations 🙂

      Thank you also for nominating me for the Shine award. Much appreciate this.

      All good wishes with your blogging,

  2. What a perception of mind Eric! It does see only what our mind wants and conveys!

    Closed eyes know,
    They penetrated to the core
    Realize the hidden pain.

    1. Thank you for this verse Soumya, appreciate the effort 🙂

      Yes, when we close our eyes and remain still – much come to the fore, including heart’s sore

      1. It’s alright. I’m wondering whether your poetry applies to the painters? Normally, painters will use their sights to observe and paints. 🙂

      2. Oh okay – now it is clear Yoshiko 🙂

        Many talented painters have great insights – like Michelangelo. Others paint images which not many can “see” – but with layered depths. Years later, their talent is uncovered.

        I suppose painters are like all artists – writers, scupltors, carvers, poets – there are many “sighted” and many “blinded”. The majority, like most of us, are struggling for true sight and manage glimpses.

        All good wishes dear,
        Eric 🙂

    1. Hmmm, now that you mentioned it, David – yes, one is passive and the other active.

      Interesting, as writers we always use active words but I never did transpose that to sight. Maybe because I’m naturally “inactive” 🙂

      Good to have you back. I see you loaded another post – be there soon,
      P/s Are you going to release another episode of Fantastic Travelogue – I am almost demanding it 🙂 – okay, asking politely, please.

      1. I will do the next one tomorrow, since I missed it yesterday. Being away messed up my schedule, but since you politely demand it, I’ll oblige. 🙂

    1. As you know, I started following your haiku posts a few weeks ago and have fast become an aficionado.

      Coming from you, this is high compliment indeed 🙂

  3. Okay, so yesterday’s hint on jail was today’s “cell”. Clever indeed. That we should remove the veil from our eyes, use a bigger screen to view further, deeper and wider. We can learn even from the smallest ant if we care to see and comprehend. Thanks for this wise thought.

    1. Insightful Jasey,

      All Life brims with lessons – and no ant is any less.

      But where are the students — what distractions keep them away — what currency pays for that truancy

      Peace dear,

  4. Sorry you don’t welcome quotes. There’s a piece of lyric from a song by John Lennon that is particularly apropos this Haiku.

    I’ll simply state it without quotes. There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown.

    1. You’re right Richard,

      I don’t welcome quotes because, for me, you are more important and I want to hear your voice and your thoughts.

      Yes, John Lennon was a gifted artist who touched many of us. Many of his songs carried obvious hints that spoke to seekers.

      Peace, Eric

  5. The eye sees nothing unless our mind sees .. common knowledge … keep looking, my friend … the mind’s eye is a good start …

    1. Yes, it may be common knowledge to most, Cat – but not to all, I reckon. There are still some who demand – “Prove it” – when, perhaps it is they who need to “see it”.

      You’re right, the mind’s eye is a great place to start.

      Peace, Eric

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