Some of us write, and very well too. Others write but feel they can do better. Yet others want to write but believe they can’t.

I reckon all of us are natural-born authors.

Our Journal

All of us started writing our journals of Life long before we even became aware of Life. Our journals transcend pen and paper —-

Our journals are written by our every thought, word and action — and more

We are all masters of our Craft —

We all produce masterpieces —

Our Journal of Life



  1. Eric really missed reading your work…guess I didn’t want a cure from the Eric-virus..tee hee…it’s funny how many comment posts in which we claim that another blogger is such a great writer (and they are!) only that we have to keep on improving…yet that is their same thought…

    1. Hello Que,

      I just got back after reading a couple of your posts – left a comment in your poem “Realization Scoffs”. Perhaps not quite up to your intentions…but

      Glad to have you visit and comment – hope to see more of you.


  2. Some journals may be interesting, some boring, some can be produced for others to learn and remember while some are just forgotten. But regardless which category it belongs, every journal has effect and influence on another – that is the inevitable cycle of life because we are not alone.

    1. That’s wonderful – please count yourself in.

      But the fact that you said this, makes me think and it gives me new insights into your thinking. Beautiful, what you said 🙂

  3. And it all depends on us how beautifully we write the journal of our life,with fear or courage,with rights or wrongs ,with more coloured inks of just black and white. It was a great thought Eric!

      1. Might be some day.. when I ponder on such a point much! i often post short poems on posts of others as comment and forget them,for they have been actually inspired by the post itself,then and there …

    1. Hello Adele,
      Actually, you said it better – we are doing more than writing our story – we are living it. This is what your comment triggered 🙂

    1. Spot on, you are Gys.

      Someone once lamented that he had no Gifts, totally untalented – even his shoe lace, he ends up tying dead knots! I pointed out his infectious smile – what a Gift. Because you see, I have a very stiff smile and admired his. Everyday, he probably spreads more joy with his smile than many of us – certainly more than moi.

      Lovely to have you visit,
      Eric 🙂

  4. “I reckon all of us are natural-born authors.” — So true! Similarly, we are all natural-born singers. We may have been told (so many have!) that we “can’t sing” – but that’s not God talking, that’s (stupid) society. We all have a voice; we all have a song. It is our duty to share our stories with each other.
    Thank you for sharing all of your stories!

    1. Hello Carrie,

      Yes, you are very right. In a sense, we are all authors and singers and we all make wonderful music, poetry and prose.

      I like in particular what you say about – “our duty to share our stories with each other” – this is excellent!

      Ultimately, our Gifts, more than for our joy, are to spread joy.

      Thank you for visiting with your thought provoking comment,
      Eric 🙂

    1. As they say, time and tide waits for no man — neither do the pages we write.

      Thank you for the visit and comment Susan. I loved your recent post – those pictures, so serene during the day.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Thank you Ken,
      I suppose a journal is written so that it can be read. I believe we too read, relive and learn much from our own journals.

      I liken it a little to the diaries some us maintain. Upon reading years later, it is amazing how much we discover about ourselves and how much we have ‘grown’.

      Appreciate the visit and comment.
      Eric 🙂

    1. Very true Tomas,

      Once writ the hand moves — not all thy piety, not all thy lamentations will entice the hand to return, or altar a dot —–

      Shamelessly adapted from Omar Khayyam 🙂

    1. I knew you would spot that one, Ian.
      See, your wisdom but I take the credit. I spent too much time with a bunch of politicians last Saturday 🙁

      Yes, nothing like honest labour to cleanse and grow. And I say “labour” in its broadest terms.

      Here’s wishing you a great week ahead,

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