1. Welcome back Jacqueline 🙂

      Trust all is well on the family front.

      Blogland? Hmmm. I’ve always referred to it as Blogsville. Oh well, a little ol town called Blogsville on an island called Blogsland – and the sun never sets (wink) on our empire (wink, wink)

  1. Beautifully written Eric!

    If you may allow me to write here:

    What is love?
    An electrifying feeling
    transcending life,
    let’s all get a morsel-
    satiated I can die
    come back I will
    for more loaves of it!

    1. Thank you Moumita for your visit and comment.

      Intense love can be hypnotic and touches those who are open and sensitive, I reckon.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. A sacrifice willingly made for love even if this means to give up his youth. Could be in the current context where time passes away in a blink, but with no regrets for the love he had chosen and lived for. Could also be a mythological love of giving up his life/youth in one cast of the wand and hope to return and love again eternally. Beautiful expression of love.

  3. Love is death to self, just like a seed is buried in the ground, shrivels, then grows into new life, bearing buds, then comes forth the fruit that bears more seeds, and the cycle continues.

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