1. The second one is particularly accurate as you would know as an engineer. I sometimes worked on electronics problems well into the night without a solution – went home to bed and came in in the morning and fixed the problem within a very short time. Yes your brain works on finding the answer while you sleep.

    1. I’m really glad that I found someone who has shared my experience.

      Everytime – 100% of the time – I retire to bed with some troubleshooting issues > technical, commerial or human resource – and I always get an answer – a good quality solution.

      Quite often – all I need to do is take a walk – I always return with an answer – always!

      I’m a firm believer in ‘sleeping on it’

    1. Echoes help us recollect. Thank you for this angle.

      P/s: Left a comment in your post Tricky Prickly Things – if it didn’t come through, here it is >
      β€œLeave the splinter alone – this is a new one for me. I’ve always been told to remove it as soon as possible – and I usually do.

      I mean this for rose thorns and ‘thorns’ life throws my way – though admittedly, it’s more challenging with the latter”

  2. True enough. Sleep is something I wish to have enough. As I can identify being the weary one.

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