1. Beautiful Eric! you wrote alomst everything in the word of sleep… Everything that we seek,yearn,crave,need…. Awesome thought!

  2. You’re right – sleep can be all those things. Tonight, for me, it will be rest for the weary…if I’m lucky, I might have spiritual revelation as well πŸ™‚

  3. Sleep, my favorite subject. I adore the person who invented the modern comfortable bed. For our Creater who included this wonderful preservation tool in our life, You are the best. To you for reminding us we had this natural cure, answer and gift from the almighty, a big hug.

    1. Obviously sleep is a favourite topic for you Jasey – you’ve thanked almost everyone except the janitor πŸ™‚

      May you enjoy long peaceful sleep everynight πŸ™‚

      A great big hugz, Eric

  4. Yes sleep is in fact the best medicine. There was a sense of finality in that last sentence though. I presume you were suggesting death is actually the only way broken people can lay aside their cares?

      1. Bruce Cockburn wrote a song, Charity of Night, about the mercy that death can be. Also the song Pacing the Cage.
        Thank you for this kind poem Eric.

    1. Lol! I don’t wish to diminish any other comment here Susan – but yours was a great comment. Good night and hope you have sweet dreams, Eric πŸ™‚

    1. An insomniac is probably the one who really needs sleep.

      I don’t know what it’s to be insomnic, but reckon in extreme cases it can wreck a person’s life. Feel sorry for these sufferers.

  5. Sleep for me is hours worth of opporutnity to dream and travel in many lands and receive many blessings and beauties and wonders! Love the way you included, “Sleep, for the Seeking an answer reveals.”

    1. Ah Granbee – I knew you’ll pick up that one β€œSleep, for the Seeking an answer reveals.”

      I can’t help myself but to slip something like this in πŸ™‚

    1. When we’re told to sleep on it – good advice, especially when it’s not time sensitive.

      Second best – take a walk. During my corporate days, had a quick lunch bite and took a stroll – always returned with a good quality answer.

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