1. The way you effortlessly take us from start to end, it reminds us all that something that is so often spoken of so carelessly really is a treasure and that something handled so harshly truly is a gem. Thank you.

    1. Left a comment in your post Love’s Heart > if you can’t find it, here it is > True love never runs out. The more we give, the more we receive.

  2. Beautiful post, Eric. I have to say, the imagery is wonderful…..very descriptive. Actually, I’m a lil jealous of her. I’d love to be her…..or have others see me as you see her. Gorgeous words.

    1. In our private world of dreams, we can be anything and anyone we want. The right one will come along and see you as others see her – I wish this for you. Eric 🙂

  3. Eric your poetry is outstanding. I know I haven’t stopped and said it but when I read it I am carried away into it. I could feel my feet being washed. Your imagery is always drawing me in. I forgot for a moment it wasn’t me , lol. but then you talked about the anklets and I had to remind myself again it wasn’t me, mine isn’t ruby or pearls, oh yes it isn’t me there,lol! I love poetry and yours is beautiful. Thank you for sharing again such beautiful words!

    1. This is such a lovely comment, Linda – to be able to immerse in a world of beauty, love and peace. Glad that my words provided a window to this special world for you.

      In ancient India, the anklets were made from gold tubes formed into rings. They did not encrust the pearls and rubies outside. Rather, the jewels were slipped into the hollow. Each type of jewel emitted different sounds. When the woman walked, music followed her steps. One had to break the anklet to see the jewels within. However, experts could tell simply from the sound. Just a snippet…

    2. Left a comment in your post > Do we really see what we are looking at.

      Please be kind enough to go to your Comments – locate the spam folder on the topline and release it. Anyway, here it is:

      “I believe and alway say – all look in the mirror and each takes away something different”.

    1. That is lovely Cat.
      Aishwarya Rai is one of my favourite persons. She is a few years older than my daughter – and I love her as a father.
      All good wishes, Eric

      1. 🙂 WOW ………….
        i had no idea about the person in the vid – just loved the song ………. 🙂 small world 🙂
        all good wishes to You Toooooo 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Aishwarya is a former Miss World (1994), a mega movie star in India (also acted in several Hollywood productions) and most importantly for me > a humble and genuinely nice person

  4. Eric, you have transported me right into “A Thousand and One Nights” with this post. I almost felt virginal again reading it!

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