1. This is how far too many workers in the U.S. view the rising of the sun each weekday–“oh, no, another boring day at the office!” What an insult to the majesty of each day’s sunrise!

    1. That is really sad, isn’t it.

      I’m like you – see each sunrise as another glorious day for us to do as we wish. Even as a 16 year old apprentice getting up at 5.30 AM and retiring to bed close to midnight > not once did I dread the sunrise.

  2. You may be a slave to rising sun but your post is certainly not monotony. In fact, you always trigger our grey cell to ponder and delve. To have so much inspiration from you with each sunrise, this is definitely not dreary.

    1. Awwwgh! Jasey – you’re so very kind.

      I wasn’t speaking about myself but rather how some might view their lives.

      Have a great week ahead, Eric 🙂

    1. That is sad isn’t it Dee – that some people are trapped in such an outlook.

      I believe a spoonful of Faith in God will go a long way to remove the illusions of this world.

      Peace and love, Eric

  3. How sad! Most of my life I’ve looked eagerly for the challenge of a new day. The very realization one is still alive to meet this new day is an additional cause for joy.

    1. It is very sad indeed that some are driven to such despairs – due to illness and other circumstances in their lives.

      I totally subscribe to your sentiments Ian, about the glory, joy and opportunity that every new day presents.

      Peace, Eric

  4. Monotony and fear are big time buzz kills lol. Got to keep it fresh — even the what I call “futile tasks of being human” – laundry, unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, getting groceries etc.

    1. Very true,

      When I take out the trash or do laundry, etc., I see it as doing loving things for my loved ones. My wife and children know this and appreciate it. They do the same for me. We don’t see these as chores but as practical affirmation of love.

      Peace, Eric

  5. Beautifully stated! the morning of the warmth and energy now brings the pressure and stress of accomplishing taskswithin deadlines,achieving targets,and facing a day full of tension…and the same old routine and its monotony kills the common man and his evergreen free dreams…

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