1. I saw an interesting tag: ‘horror’… the stuffed bed bear may indeed be one of the worst relationship nightmares and turnoffs.

  2. Unfortunately, too many “adults” cling insecurely to security blankets, like Linus in the Charles Schultz “Peanuts” comic strip series.

    1. That is true Fiona

      Children can get in the way and their ‘intrusions’ can be both pleasureable/funny or irksome, depending on the couple’s mood and needs, I reckon.

    1. Just sprinkle some holy water 🙂 if you believe in such remedies
      I know people who bless the room with holy water whenever they check into hotel rooms

      P/s Posted a comment in your post – On the way down

      1. Well Im not that obsessed with the bolster, I was just saying 😀 When I marry I’ll try to get rid of it surely 😉

        Just now I saw that comment, Approved and thanks 🙂

  3. In psychological lingo they call bolsters and dolls transitional objects, Just give me back my teddy bear. Teddy never used fancy words.

  4. Yikes, heaven forbid that we acquire a jealous bolster… used to be the jealous wife that you fear of.

  5. OMG i used to have a fav. bolster when i was a kid,thank god didnt have that habit once I grew up 😆
    After reading this I dont think anyone willl use it anymore. 😯

    1. My best friend is terrified of stuffed dolls. When we were about 10 years old, someone brought one near her and she screamed. Everyone laughed and thought it funny. I grew angry and lashed out at them. When she fainted…some of the other pranksters started screaming for her.

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