1. …the power of media…the power of persuasion…the power of corruption…the power of keeping-up…the power of vanity…the power of one’s own weakness!

    1. Fifty years ago many Singapore households were in debt due to needs. Now, Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and our per capita income is higher than USA, UK, etc – but our per capita debt has increased…due to wants

  1. Most of the time the golden calf is too pleasing to the eye, so we willingly enslave ourselves. But the old folks use to tell us why do we slog for materialism when we can’t bring them with us to our grave. However if you gather much to provide for your children, then it is understandable.
    It is ironical that here we are given the freedom to live comfortably without the burden of debt, yet we choose to be bonded. We move away from the Egyptian Pharoah and serve our modern Pharoah.
    Your posting on Freedom has really invoke many questions that we need to reflect on. Groannnn…….

    1. If one chooses to be negative – media rules and moulds our expectations and many weaklings succumb to it.

      Notice how in Singapore the Straits Times uses phrases like – ‘her doctor husband’, ‘his lawyer wife’, and so forth. There is a long running column in the Sunday Times that highlights ‘successful people’ and the type of car they drive and the kind of house they live in…

      These are the ‘new heroes’ that our people are taught to emulate…Even today there is an article about a businessman who lives in a huge house and owns ‘five luxury cars’ – but nothing about or whether he does anything for charity…

  2. This is sad, but true.

    There is freedom in living without the burden of debt. We opted to keep our house small/affordable, and will have it paid off in six years. That will be cause for celebration, for sure!

    1. If we dwell on it – it is somewhat clear that nothing much has changed. The institutions have different names > but there is pharaoh, a golden calf and there are slaves.

    1. I have friends in the real estate industry who mention that not a day passes without a young couple taking out a 30 year mortgage (yes 30 years bondage) on the premise that they’ll always have a job and their salaries will keep growing. In Singapore, we have readily affordable government built flats but young people still go for high priced condominiums…It is amazing.

      I made money in the property market and even wrote a best selling book – Property Valuation, The Secrets of the Roman Decision Model. One investor (actually a speculator) lambasted me that if he followed my advice he would have missed many “opportunities”. He advised everyone to “save” their money and not waste it on my book. Obviously, the greater fool syndrome is well and alive.

      Congratulations on having landed the two awards. Thank you also for adding me to your list of favourites. It is always rewarding and humbling to be recognised so by fellow bloggers. Happy blogging ahead, Eric 🙂

      1. Yes, it is really a life of bondage. It is a reality that we work so hard to afford the luxury of a home and car and lofty lifestyle which we barely get to enjoy because we’re too busy. A preacher once said that some people work so hard that they become the richest bodies in the graveyard lol.

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