1. Wow, it is like a metaphor to indicate that we are building our lives everyday.
    Continue the good work, Eric. =)

    1. …and sometimes even when we remember – it is not easy to follow through…

      (P/s – Lisa, your weblog is listed as private – sign in – can’t access)

      1. That is also true. Often I know what I should be doing, but afraid to do it.
        Not sure what’s up with accessing my site – I checked my settings and nothing changed…maybe just an temp glitch.

    1. Look at you, Soma – such a poetic response πŸ™‚ Thank you dear.

      (P/s Please forgive me if I don’t visit/comment on any blogs – I am down ill, need to recuperate and hardly able to reply to comments on my blog. Nothing serious…I’ll live πŸ™‚

  2. What of yesterday may not be completely rubble, they could be bricks to help us build the steps tomorrow. Then again, what is going to happen tomorrow may not be steps but turns out to be rubble – it’s when I complete a day but feeling as if it’s wasted. The bad part is we have to clear the rubble before we can pave the new steps. Sorry I’m sounding a bit despondent – blame it on Monday.

    1. Monday blues again Jasey πŸ™

      Me thinks you have a roar and a blast over the weekends to feel this way on Mondays – plus perhaps a less than conducive work environment (?)

      No need to apologise – this is your take and entitled to it. Hope you feel better and soon.

      Let me give you a great big hugz πŸ™‚

  3. Bill Monroe has a song: I’m working on a building. Working on a building. Working on a building for my Lord. For my Lord. It’s a Holy Ghost building. It’s a Holy Ghost building. it’s a Holy Ghost building for my Lord. For my Lord.

    1. The spilled milk syndrome is quite entrenched and gives some an excuse for their condition – when the only real excuse is perhaps staring out the mirror…

  4. It’s very good of you to remind us of the rubble, often it is easy to remember the bricks and steps but forget the rubble =) Very hopeful message! Take care, Que

  5. Yesterday’s disappointments and failures are today’s lessons to learn from, if we choose to be better rather than bitter. Today’s lessons, as well as today’s mistakes can upwardly be used as building blocks towards constructing higher levels of ourselves, towards progression, in the future.

  6. kind of like being tried by fire, and then being stronger and better than ever before. πŸ™‚
    These that you are writing now are kind of like Proverbs! Keep them coming Eric. xoxo

    1. …tempered in flames, yes, very true, Jeannie dear.

      Iron to steel, brittle to maleable, molten to solids – as we wish > all these and more…

      Luv and peace, Eric πŸ™‚

      1. β€œYesterday is history – tomorrow is a mystery – today is a gift.” – William Aloysius Keane.

    1. Sharmishtha – thank you and happy you feel so. Peace, Eric

      (P/s I found your comment in spam and unspammed it – kinda strange this happened. WP gnomes at it again!)

    1. That is right Maria.

      Some do succumb to looking out the window than into the mirror. How people respond reflects on themselves and their future to come, I reckon.

      Peace, Eric

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