1. In a free country where parents and society decides whom to marry and what to study etc. etc.whom to vote also, I thought freedom is…..and as for death some times it really set one free from suffering.

  1. When our hearts are not in the right place, I imagine death would be a release…and of course from immense pain….but I guess as much as there is to love and enjoy in life, and experience, we are all privy and conditioned to these….we are human….but nonetheless, my time is not yet, and I can say at this time I am happy to be alive…..(just some thoughts your words sparked in my mind…) Thanks Eric….

    1. I agree Celeste – there are a multitude of reasons to rejoice life and living. Thank you for this sharing, it is very welcomed – Eric 🙂

  2. Yes,Eric, death does free the immortal soul from the flesh, this “mortal coil”. Let us go go forward in as much spiritual freedom as we can be still and find for ourselves while we are still in the flesh.

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