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“Your brother…wondered about your plans for further studies.”

“I’ve things to sort out, Grandpa.”

“Ah yes, things?”

“Yes, things,” Edwin replied absently.

“Visiting call girls will help you sort out these things, eh?”

Edwin sucked in a sharp breath. How did Grandpa know?

“Your mother saw the condoms. Next time try to empty your pockets before the wash. It’ll save embarrassment all around.”

“I don’t really enjoy that, Grandpa. The men in the company —”

“I’m not judging you, Edwin…Perhaps you should find a nice girl, settle down. Your mother is getting on, could do with some company, some help.” The old man sighed. “Will be lovely to hold great-grandchildren. A new-born gives new meaning to the lives of the old and helps us live longer.”

(An Extract of a scene set in 1960s Singapore, from my novel – Beck And Call)

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