“Your brother…wondered about your plans for further studies.”

“I’ve things to sort out, Grandpa.”

“Ah yes, things?”

“Yes, things,” Edwin replied absently.

“Visiting call girls will help you sort out these things, eh?”

Edwin sucked in a sharp breath. How did Grandpa know?

“Your mother saw the condoms. Next time try to empty your pockets before the wash. It’ll save embarrassment all around.”

“I don’t really enjoy that, Grandpa. The men in the company —”

“I’m not judging you, Edwin…Perhaps you should find a nice girl, settle down. Your mother is getting on, could do with some company, some help.” The old man sighed. “Will be lovely to hold great-grandchildren. A new-born gives new meaning to the lives of the old and helps us live longer.”

(An Extract of a scene set in 1960s Singapore, from my novel – Beck And Call)

BeckNCall Front Cover(5)



    1. Thank you, Ian – my novels try to mirror real life as much as possible…These snippets reveal how the values and character of Edwin (the protagonist) develop. On Thursday, I’ll post a snippet involving the antagonist – Roy – and the lessons his father (a leader of the Tong) imparts.

  1. Wonderful, Eric, and now that my Mom has passed, my kids are getting to know my Dad even more…I never knew my grandparents, so it is a blessing to have their wisdom poured upon us…thank you! 🙂

    1. Truly you have spoken Lauren > our grandparents have eaten the salt of life and it bodes well for the family to be nourished by their wisdom. Your kids are blessed…Luv and peace 🙂

  2. What a wonderful excerpt–and how true to life–the elders prodding the young into “settling down” by holding out the joys of cuddly newborns–irresistible!

    1. As you know Granbee, in the not too distant past, the institution of marriage was strong and many aspired to ‘settle down’ – or gently nudged by their elders.

  3. My Grandad used to pick my spirits up and help me regain my balance…he still does from the spirit world…many blessings indeed. Much love to you buddy xx

  4. This was lovely Eric ..loved the fact that you sketched such an understanding grandfather…I wish every kid has a grand parent to guide them well ..the stories they share,the love and warmth in their hugs is incomparable 🙂
    you weave such beauty in every thing you write.
    wish you a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Thank you Soma,

      In my novels I try to inject love and realism without derailing the story or coming across as cheesy.

      As you know media moulds peoples’ minds > we have enough gore and negatives out there with themes hinging on mostly mindless killing, mayhem and so forth.

      As authors/bloggers we need to wield our pens (keyboard) with responsibility, I reckon. This episode reveals how the character of Edwin is moulded and I’m glad you love it.

      Cheers, Eric 🙂

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