1. This post makes me think of that wonderful Psalm: “I look to the hills, from whence cometh my help.:” It is the heights in our lives, not the depts, that matter! Bless you, dear man.

  2. this is my thought process while reading your poem: depth of sorrow…tears…depth of sea then?

    upon rereading: the galaxies? How immeasurably deep that sorrow must be 🙁

    a sigh of relief when reading from your comments that you are only “inspired” to write this poem!

    may you always float to the top however deep your sorrows may be! =)

    1. Reading the gut wrenching stories/poems of others (many based on true life), I cannot fathom their pain. Can anyone ever truly understand another’s pain…hence this poem.

      Que, you shower kind words and look at you – your comments are themselves so poetic. There is a poem in here that you ought to write…

      All good wishes, Eric

      1. I hope that bloggers who share their sorrow also find it healing…You are most correct about understanding pain =)

        Thank you Eric, I will let my muse ruminate on your kind suggestion =)

  3. Though the depth of sorrow is unfathomable, hope there will be a rainbow soon to clear up the darkness. Yes it is mid-week but cheer up.

    1. Oh no, no – all is well.

      This was inspired, if that is the correct word – by the many tales and poems of pain and sorrow I read in some blogs.

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