1. I have a whole new found respect for the power of words since reading your poems…such a small number of words…such immense meaning!!

  2. This is you and Lisa, Eric! The clouds and the sea forever bound to each other in life-giving bounty! Such a joyous reminder of Mother Nature training us in the correct perspectives on life!

    1. What a thought 🙂 I never did look at it as about Lisa and me! Where is this coming from, my Rose…
      Oh, mother of man

      What wondrous wellspring thou hold in thine heart
      That swells up such intense love and generosity
      What depths harbour the condiments for this brew
      Surely, you tap into the Source for this your bounty

      You, a mother of man
      I dedicate the above put-together for my dear Granbee. Luv and great big hugz, Eric 🙂

    1. There you go again spoiling me – but I luv it 🙂

      Your blog is very inspiring too and touches many people around the world. Good wishes with your continued blogging, Eric

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