1. Wow…and I was just saying that jokingly…but see? There you go…i think your words can guide a lot of people….the manuscript appraiser must be off her rocker! And I will look on Amazon for it!!!!!

  2. I love your writing. It inspires me. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate the ‘likes’.

      1. Oh God, no 🙂 I merely relate my experiences borne of observations and the hard knocks that life served me…

        But I do have some news. My next book – Fallen Grace, The Return – will be released in May/June 2012 and also on Amazon Kindle > it dwells on ALL the subjects I write about in my blog posts (poems, micro fictions, thoughts). In a sense, these posts are excerpts. One manuscript appraiser was so offended, she accused me of wanting to start a ‘new religion’ with Fallen Grace – that was rich, I thought.

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