Man is the hunter-gatherer, even in love. We ‘hunt’ for partners and gather what we sow…

Snared you, I have with love as porous as my net of imperfections. Within seven years or less I shall harvest bountiful discord.



    1. 🙂 Yes!

      Me find mate. Clunk! Club the head and drag by hair…the original macho crap

      Me find woman. Much meat I give, my fire burns bright and long…the original husband

      Me want meat and warmth. Much (wink) I give…the oldest profession

      Have we really evolved….

  1. Yes,Eric, discord is guaranteed to follow a mating incurred by this type of approach! Snaring, indeed! Thank you for sharing your wisdom here today!

    1. Many people don’t fell in love, they fell into traps set by their pursuers or worse, by their delusions.

      Stripped of everything, if some people took a hard look at what made them say “Yes”….

      All good wishes, Eric

    1. Dear Christy,

      It is not for me to say 🙂 It all depends on what you see in the mirror. In this case, these words have more facets than a brilliant round, I reckon.

      Luv and hugz, Eric

  2. I too sow a lot, season is about right for it now, shall I give you a list? I only hope it won’t be seven years before I see any results or I will complain about it at the seed merchant’s.
    Love and hugs

      1. The seven year itch, I’ve seen that film with Marilyn Monroe, I didn’t know you were in it though, But you were so much younger then. 😉
        Love and hugs, Steph

    1. Hello Selasie,

      You are welcome to use this and I believe you’ll credit the source. Thank you.

      Obviously, this applies to both men and women…

      Peace and luv, Eric 🙂

      1. I really love this haiku about vengeance, Jeannie. Brought a smile to me 🙂 Perhaps time for some positivity…

        Let us dust our shoes
        Leaving baggage, journey forth
        Find that one true love

      2. Please say “when” you post the final words. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. 🙂

        seems I’ve forgotten
        what a true love really is
        bestow the blessing

      3. No worries Jeannie. I am enjoying this and you are one talented lady. Okay, I have to leave in another 30 minutes. Let us do two/three more each and we are done, ok?

        I come bearing love
        Tempered by a betrayal
        My love strong and true

      4. This has been so much fun! Your talent shines through like a star–please take the finale. xoxox

        I will trust in you
        And freely give you my heart
        To have and to hold

      5. Not into sunset
        We ride into the sunrise
        Saddle bags of hope

        We did it 🙂 You and I. It was so exhilarating and thank you so very much Jeannie. You have my deep respect. Luv and peace, Eric

    1. I did my national service in the special constabulary and harboured dreams of chasing down criminals. Instead, spent most evenings attending to domestic violence cases. How vicious people treated their loved ones – both men and women > what an eye-opener…

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