1. A very wise neighbor once told me to befriend the dark! In other words, I should celebrate the dark hours of each 24 hour cycle as a time of rest,meditation, preparation for my next time of greeting the light!

  2. Yes I have Eric. Especially in winter it keeps us company here, light at 8.30 am dark again around 4pm. Now the days are getting longer, but then where you live you can’t know that, can you. 😀
    Silly Steph

  3. Like Peter it took me three or four reads to ‘get’ it…for me it denoted loss. Eloquent as always my buddy, take care and have a great week – love and hugs Jane xx

    1. Oh dear Jane,

      I have to be more careful about making my poems/haikus too vague or figurative. Glad that you had the patience to read it several times. Luv and hugz to my buddy from Eric

      P/s Have an early appointment – be back after lunch to check out your posts.

  4. Sadly, much as we try to hide the darkness, it continues to haunt us. You can’t shed it as it is part of your shadow. That which is inevitable and cannot be erased. Oh, the wrong choices we made.

  5. dark matter is the fabric of the universe. dark matter constitutes 98% of the universe. light originates from a source…it has to be created by energetic reactions…darkness is present with our without light

      1. I really like the structure – , my days and evenings Will be full this week so my time may be little scarce here, thank you and have a good week as well …

      1. Grasp the dark furrow
        Sheets tangled in the night
        Glance it’s meaning in morning’s light

        Or darkest hour can teach us more than our brightest day. But we always need both to truly understand our lives…or write tormented yet inspired poetry. 😉

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