1. Dear sir,

      Congratulations on winning this award.

      I truly appreciate your kind words and thinking me worthy of receiving this too. I accept wholeheartedly and with deep thanks.

      All good wishes,

  1. Absolutely beautiful and touching… as a mother, I would gladly give my life for my children and now grandchildren. This poem so depicts that love. Thank you for sharing! Leslie

    1. Dear Subhan,
      My wife is a wonderful mother who showers my children with unbridled love – and she knows when to pull back. There are many other wonderful mothers here in blogoshere.
      Peace, Eric

  2. Oooh, Eric! I am so amazed at the force, the sheer force, I feel right now in my chest, as a mother and grandmother. I had a mother and grandmothers who gave their hearts to us. I appreciate your courage in writing a poem that expresses this giving of the motherly heart for all eternity in such literal, physical terms to bring the point home so strongly.

    1. Dear Granbee,
      Quite often mothers are taken for granted. Look at many parts of ravaged Africa and we see these wonderful angels ensuring the survival of the next generation…while men, poke their fingers in the air and talk war. Like any generalisation, this is pot-holed, but I believe people will recognise the gist of my comment.
      Luv and hugz, Eric

  3. Holy Cow! Eric, your mind is huge! Does your family look at you funny when you are quietly sitting in the corner examining them and their life? 🙂 I can only imagine!

    I love how you took it from explaining in the first two lines, to demanding, followed by screaming. Then her encouragement, his guilt, and the finale- a promise of eternity. Very powerful and so deep.

    I love this one!

    1. Dear Christine,

      I don’t know what they really think…weird?…aloof?…I too can only imagine. But every social gathering is a vast savannah to be observed/explored.

      Glad you love this and I am happy to have brought it out.

      All good wishes, Eric

  4. A mother’s love is made of steel and unconditional…what a world this would be if our love for each other was made of unconditional steel…beautifully written and heart touching as always lovely Eric – love and hugs Jane x

  5. Dear Eric, the subjects of your last posts are all about gruesome events. Beautiful in their own kind like some flowers are(think of Tacca, the bat flower or the dragon arum). A mind boggling beauty, so horrific one can’t resist watching it. You know how I like sad stories, but could you please write one with a happy ending now.
    Love and hugs
    Steph xxx (deeply touched)

    1. You’re an economist and I’m an engineer…we both write…how very extraordinary, what is this world coming to 🙂

      Happy that you see the trinity too. Thank you for the visit and comment, Eric

  6. The scene in this poem is beautifully written. Harrowingly moving.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Hello dear friend,
      Thank you for your compliment wrapped in question.
      Please don’t get me wrong when I say it is easy, Tom…this post…I simply watch the mother of my children, Lisa, and the women/mothers among friends, family and read about all the wonderful mothers out there…many of them in this, our blogosphere.
      All good wishes,

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