1. Very wise folk, the Chinese! I DESPISE clocks! They are man-made devices that have NO IDEA about how to “measure” ANTHING in the universe, okay?

  2. Eric – you have such a great blog here! I just want to thank you for being such an encouragement to me while I’ve been starting to blog. I’m giving you the candle lighter award 🙂 My post about it will go up in a few hours. Thanks so much for everything, and may you have a wonderful start (rather, continuation) to your new year!

    1. Ray, thank you for your kind words. Yes, we all need to encourage each other. Thank you for this wonderful award as it means so much to be recognised by fellow bloggers. All the very best with your continued blogging year, Eric

  3. I hear the ticking more these days. It echoes like a Poe poem, irritating and maddening. I fret about the waste and emptiness, and I regret so many, many moments. When I look forward, it is with a sigh and a question. Will I make better choices tomorrow and the next day? Foolishness, I know. Make the choices now, when there is time and opportunity. I enjoyed the thoughts this post stirred up.

  4. Well said, Eric. If only we could travel fast enough, time would slow down (relativity, you know), but unfortunately we (still?) can’t and thus only time is speeding and as one gets older it only gets faster and faster. Though I think that even if we could time would still seem to be racing, bringing us at an incredibly fast pace towards our end, So I can understand that giving a clock to someone is seen by the Chinese as a reminder to the approaching end (bad luck). Here in the west, older clocks carry a banner saying “Tempus fugit” as a reminder to the same thing..

    1. Steph, my wildest dream is to sit on a Photon beam, so I would never age! But then, I’d blow up so big, I’d die from exploding; which defeats the objective. 🙂

      1. Psst! Let you gals into a secret about aging…its all in the mind. I’ve been with Lisa since 1978, and reckon she is the prettiest thing ever 🙂

      1. After 33 years of togetherness, that’s awesome. Lucky Lisa!

        Psst: …I think the only girl here is Steph. Ah, the wonders of a pseudonym. 😉

  5. well time is relevant … not so much to space as it is to the perception of one’s own use of that time. i think our mechanical methods of measurement are incorrect in their precision– the clock a symptom of a much larger disease.

    if you sit in a cell with no concept of time and no ability to even see whether is night or day —- the minutes become nightmares of an unimaginable span. the marking of time assuages fear. the grander our clocks, the greater the need to hold-off current and prevalent manifestations of fear.

    perhaps the braver man sits and smiles at every shadow between the days.

  6. I have known people who frowned upon the prospect of ripping off dates on the old paper-based daily calendars. They felt they were progressively ripping a day off their lives…


    1. Yes, people react in their own unique ways.
      The earlier we reconcile to receive the inevitable visitor, the better and we can get on with living our lives rather than jumping at shadows, I reckon.

  7. I feel connected to this post somehow. I have not yet read some of your other delights here on this site, but I am looking forward to it beyond a doubt! Also, I am pleased that you were able to gaze upon my site for a minute or two.

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