1. Another one from the archives I’m indebted to your other friends for bringing this to my attention. Similar to the thought scars remain to see but are not hurting any more.

    1. Hello Ian,

      Nice to see you here 🙂

      Yes, Paul and I have become quite good cyberspace friends. He is very articulate and the third person whose every single post has words/phrases that help improve my English. I count Jane Stansfeld and you as the other two in the triumvirate of my English Language teachers.

      Hope and trust the Sunday is going well,

    2. Well I’m no expert in the English language Eric. I’m a business major. Maybe the course I did in Creative Writing after retiring did help a little but I’m not in the league of professional writers when it comes to the techniques of the language.

  2. Dear Eric,

    Your comment to Eva was most apropos. You have managed to dull the blade but at the same time have sharpened your wit. 🙂

    Thank you for your comments pertaining to my own blog about Guilt Trips. You are quite right; it takes time to dull those embarrassing and pesky thoughts and, as you said, time can indeed lessen the pain and hurt that had, in the past, engulfed and burdened a poor hapless soul.

    Very apt and poignant haiku, my friend. I’m glad you gave me the link to it. And your reply on my blog was met with much appreciation. You are a dear and thoughtful friend.

    Wishing you warmth and smiles across the miles,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Dear Paul,

      I’m always wary about providing links in my comments – as it can cut both ways. But with friends, I tend to take chances and glad that it worked out well 🙂

      Pain therapy works for me – embarrassing and even painful in the early stages but now the demons have paled. I’m back in control. But, it’s not for everyone, I agree.

      I read about your Thanksgiving get-together and am happy that the day added to your pleasant memories 🙂

      All good wishes,

    1. @granbee

      It worked for me and my heart warms that it is doing the same for you.

      You did say that you’ll be 65 next. Well, please accept my sincere wishes for a Happy Birthday.

      Luv you, Eric

    1. Hello Jackie – thank you for taking a break here with a comment. This is appreciated.

      I write mostly from experience. When hurt, I revisit the pain repeatedly until it is pain no more. For me, it is not masochistic but therapeutic. Might not work for everyone.

      Cheers, Eric

  3. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but there is quite a Yoda-like Zen in the way you used words here. This is coming from a huge sci-fi freak, BTW, so it’s supposed to be a compliment. 🙂

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