I am extremely delighted to announce that I have been nominated for “The Versatile Bloggers Award” by InTrinzic Value and Alexandra Corinthe on 27 December 2011. (Yes, twice on the same date!)

But, Art Epiphany had also nominated me for this same award on 26 December 2011. I met all the requirements and accepted it. I am delirious but,

What do I do?

I am new to blogging (less than 2 months!) and would be grateful for any advice from anyone out there who has been-there-done-this.

1. Can I accept multiple nominations for the same award?

2. Is there a time limit before I comply with requirements?

3. Do I use the same image?

Any advice that veterans can proffer is greatly appreciated, as I am new to this community and want to do the right thing.

Kind regards, Eric



  1. If you ever get your answer, let me know. I have been blogging about a month and have no clue if I did everything correctly to accept the award. I followed the steps, but….am not sure I did it right. lol….I can write, but I am computer illiterate!!

    1. Hello Renne,
      I received the following advice and am passing it along to you.
      “These are pretty loose so I wouldn’t worry about rules….These are meant to be fun and not another stress”

      In my opinion, do what you reckon is right and move along. Cheers, Eric 🙂

  2. Eric – these are pretty loose so I wouldn’t worry about rules. Yes, you can receive it multiple times. I’d use the same image and underneath it acknowledge who all gave it to you. Pass it along when you’re ready.

    These are meant to be fun and not another stress (my opinion LOL!).

    1. @dogear6
      Very good advice and thank you. I want to enjoy blogging and not view it as a chore or worse, make it a chore for my nominees! I shall pass it along in time. Cheers, Eric 🙂

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