During the Christmas parties (yes, plural), I wore my favourite coat – the same one I wear every year – one that I mend, dry clean and wear with joy.

🙂 When it comes to fashion…God is my favourite Designer! 🙂



  1. Eric,
    Sounds like you clothe yourself in the Christmas Spirit.

    I wish you a warm Christmas season. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, and good luck with your blogging!


  2. Eric,
    I’m glad you are finding Life to be good to you…especially since you do a lot to make life better for others also. I think you have a servant’s heart, which is a wonderful thing. Thanks for your kindnesses and encouragement to me.
    Happy New Year! – Frank

    1. Well, look at you Frank – always with encouraging words 🙂
      To say that I have a servant’s heart – that is an honour – I wonder if I am worthy but will wear it with humility.
      To ‘serve’ is the ultimate vocation, I reckon.
      All good wishes,
      P/S I am sure we will be in touch before the New Year 🙂

  3. As a novice I don’t know how that happens but it is true I am the David referred to on the Angel Messenger Blog in some of the channellings so we can let it stand if that is what you want after all it is the blog that’s important and what’s in a name ?
    Many thanks again.
    Love David

  4. Hi Eric, thanks for the Liebster nomination but the link you connected to was my partner Eugene’s Angel Messenger. Did you mean to nominate Angel Messenger OR Hanukah the Scribe OR Story Chest? Really cuffed that you should consider us. Love David

  5. Hi, Merry Christmas, thank you for the Liebster Blog Nomination. I am going to put it on my site as soon as possible. I just need to figure out how to link pages and where to paste the award. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you again for your support! I like knowing that I can add light to the world.

    1. Hello Jaguar1850,

      1. Tap out the name – say, Rachael – in your Post
      2. Hightlight the name with your cursor
      3. You’ll notice the link button – top bar of your Post window (the button that says Insert/Edit Link) – click on it.
      4. In the box, copy and paste the hyperlink
      5. Click Add Link – the link is activated and you are done 🙂
      You check by clicking on the link that you have created. It should take you to the blog of the person.

      Pasting the award – if you wish, you could do what I did – make a blog Post. Then create a new Category: Award (similar to what I did) and file it under that category.

      I am sure there are better ways – but hey, it is your Blog…you’re the Boss 🙂

      Cheers, Eric

      1. For those award winners who are unsure of pasting their award image – here is a brief tutorial:
        1. Copy save the image to your Media Gallery
        2. Go To your Blog Admin and select Appearance > Widget
        3. Drag “Image” from Available Widgets to your Sidebar Widget Area
        4. Click open the Image and fill in the various info as you wish > Widget Title, Image URL (copy & paste from Media Gallery), Caption (info you wish to display), Link URL (copy & paste your post shortlink)
        5. Of course, some themes might be slightly different – but the idea is to get the Image Widget to the spot you want to display – this depends on the theme you are using – play with it. If I can do it – anyone can, I reckon.

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