Man had always sought answers.

Is this akin to looking in the mirror when we should look out the window?




  1. I thank you for leading me here. I am only now beginning to return to asking the questions without a particular need to have them answered immediately. Strange, this process.

    1. You’re very welcome, Val dear

      It always intrigued me – both in corporate and private life – people seeking the ‘right’ answers. The assumption was – they already had the right questions.


  2. Exactly.

    A question is neither true nor false. It is simply a question.

    If the answer to a question is given as final, if it does not raise other questions, then that answer is almost certainly a lie.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Well Richard,

      If an answer is given as “final” – that is at worst, pompous of the pouter or at best, addresses a very narrow issue while ignoring all permutations and variables.

      If the answer does not raise other questions – perhaps the fault lies with the receiver, who runs out of ideas or intellect to craft the follow-on question. The fault cannot always lie with the answerer.

      Yes, an answer can be a lie.

      However, I readily agree that an answer might be incomplete – that does not make it a lie, just incomplete. The reasons could be any number of variables including the crafting of the question.

      Obviously, when we say, “answer” we both speak of intangibles – not simple mathematical tangibles.

      1. Yes, you are correct that the person receiving the answer might perceive it as “final” without being specifically told.

        As to incomplete answers, it’s always possible to lie by omission.

        As you say, there are a lot of variables and relativistic topics can produce a great many differing viewpoints.

  3. Questions are always there. If that particular question has been answered another questions will popped up. Answers no matter how simple it is will create another question.

  4. I think you are right….it is soooo important to ask the right questions. It is a sign of maturity and a willingness to go further in ones own mind with the truth they are presented with in any situation. In the natural thought process of the mind, we initially have many questions….but honing in on the right one comes with a determination not to give up, a desire to know the heart of the truth, or at the very least a strong curiosity to know how things work. You are never too old to learn a new thing…..indeed it is the very thing that makes life interesting…..

    1. Wow! You got me between the eyes – in a nice way!
      Many people who follow my blog and read my post understood where I was coming from and you articulated it so very well.
      Merry Christmas and All Good Blessings for 2012

  5. Wow this idea really relates to a post I made recently. I think we spend a lot of our time as humans searching for answers from a higher source than ourselves when really we should be focusing on the world before our eyes and the people in it. On reality. Looking into the sky for help is much more useless than looking in the mirror. Only the stars are looking back. (Or maybe the occasional alien) haha
    Great posts on here. I love that your opening up the floor for some real thought provoking discussion.

    1. Hello Sherryn,
      Thank you for your well thought out comment.

      Yes, feel free to invite your friends to visit and comment. We need to hear the voice of young seekers like you.

      Psst! Let you in on something…many old buggers like me are still searching for answers. It took me a lifetime to figure out that I should start with the right questions. In this regards, I am a novice.

      Merry Christmas, Eric

  6. I was surprised at your reply as I had only given a simple thought. Then I realise I had made a mistake. I meant to say self-centeredness and not self denial. My apology sir and all good wishes to you too.

  7. Must the question be answered. How important is the answer. Can you handle the the answer. If you could be truthful, only you know if the answer is in the mirror or outside the window. Excessive mirror reflection can be depressive and overly self reproach while gazing out the window can be complete self denial. Where is the balance – I reckon for me is still how important is the question.

  8. I find this thought provoking. As I have aged, I’ve come to believe that life is more about questions, and less about answers. For me the search for the important questions leads me inward. If we can, as you have done here, ask an important question, then we promote the search for knowledge and understanding. Some questions have no answer, their role is to lead to further questioning. (I’m 61 years old)

    1. Hello and good afternoon, Tricia. I think I fixed the typos 🙂
      We are both on the same railway line, in thoughts and more.
      61…hmmm, I am 56…youngens…both of us, I reckon 🙂

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