A Blink of an Eye – a poem I wrote for a friend, stricken with cancer. She was one of the most wonderful people who my wife and I had the pleasure of knowing. She has since joined her Lord.

In several ways, the words here applies to all of us. 

Watch her eyes…beautiful, is she not? Now, watch carefully…you’ll see a tinge of sorrow. What does she see? Perhaps, she sees time racing inexorably towards her, perhaps she sees our lives draining away in hers.

Perhaps she is wishing that we don’t wait. Perhaps she is saying:

“Make your peace with yourself and with all those who might have offended you. Don’t wait to celebrate your friendships, your loves. Don’t wait…say the words and do all that which you want and need to do. Treasure all the people and all that which you have…Don’t wait!…Good bye my friends!”

A BLINK OF AN EYE by Eric Alagan  

Copyright @ 2011 by Eric Alagan


 What is the rush?

Our tenure, is a blink in Time.


Pray, wait awhile,

Much to accomplish yet in life.


Not hers alone,

For her kith and kin too, we pray.


She, a kind soul,

Quiet struggles in spiritual life.


You as her guide,

Her trials, tribulations, You know.


Why this cruel test?

To see her break, is it Your quest?


You made her so,

From good to bad, and, more or less.


Reel it now, You?

Only lakes traversed, Oceans wait?


Our sister she,

And Your heavenly body too.


Throughout Your realms,

Even lesser souls murky Your pool.


A milk drop, she,

Save her drowning from inky pools.


Pluck with the weeds,

Will Your garden ever flourish?


So, what’s the rush,

A blink, is it too much to ask?


Hope you enjoy the read. You are welcome to comment. Thank you, Eric


  1. I love the way you make your case with God on her behalf, and also exhort us to keep our priorities straight with those we love. We don’t know the day and the hour….

    1. Hello Elouise,

      Wow! You uncovered one of my earliest blog posts. That’s lovely.

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we often hear people say that we ought to prepare for the after life, but many don’t find the time to do so – until time finds them.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Thank you, dear – I don’t know how I missed this comment. Probably in my early days of blogging I was grappling with how all this worked.

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