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Drive traffic to your Blog:

If you are a typical blogger like me, you love more people “following” your blog, love to receive all those psychedelic “Likes” and read lots of “Comments”.

Many SEO consultants can help drive traffic to your blog. However, if you are like me, you probably don’t fancy dolloping dollars.

There are other avenues to attract traffic, which incorporates the fun derived from blogging. And what I propose will save us the trouble of learning yet another skill-set. (Have you figured out how to use twitter? Good for you. I’m still figuring out all the features in Facebook!)

First off in our mutual help plan is:-

Monthly Blog Pick (Click to see how it all started)

Once a month I feature a Blog. It helps highlight the Blog to readers and helps me too. Mutual self-help at its best, I reckon. You can do it too. (I’ve since discontinued this due to time constraints but hey, feel free to use this idea (2 Nov 2013)

How does it work?

We visit and post comments on each other’s blogs. Based on the number of comments I receive – and I always visit bloggers who leave behind comments – and if I enjoy your blog content, I shall feature your blog on the First Monday of the Month.

My Blog Pick 2012 – See my post Sunshine Tales and Verses. Ian Grice blogging as IANSCYBERSPACE had this to say:

“Well now that was an unexpected treat Eric. All of a sudden I have new friends in the WordPress universe…”

My Blog Pick March 2013 – I selected nightlake blogging as call2read. Within 24 hours, she received new followers and posted a very welcomed comment:

“…wanted to thank you once again for the kind appreciation of my blog and its selection as the blog pick of the month. 10 new appreciative bloggers are following my blog, thanks to you.”

My Blog Pick April 2013 – I enjoy Jane Stansfeld and had to select her, even though I had been reading her posts for only a few weeks. Check out her blog at jstansfeld.

“…Thank you, thank you, this is generously kind of you…I consider your selection and feature an awesome honor. It gives me a wonderful feeling…I always enjoy coming to your blog for both your provocative and well written posts and for the inspirational dialogue which always follows. You are a most empathetic blogger…Cheerio Jane”

My Blog Pick May 2013 – Always thought provoking – that is Dee Vachal – and I meant both her posts and the comments she leaves behind in my posts. Check out her blog at Lillies, Sparrows and Grass.

“Dear Eric, this is a heartwarming surprise. I am overwhelmed…After traveling over 20 hours again from the East Coast USA to Asia, here I am sleepless, fortunate with a smidgen of internet connectivity for a while, and smiling with shock (picture that).  Thanks again, Eric. I am grateful beyond words. Luv and peace, Dee”

************ I’ve discontinued this due to time constraints ************

33-Word & 55-Word Flash-Fiction Gallery (Click to see sample post)

Some of you might not have the time to do all that “commenting” stuff. Hold onto your seats – there might be an easier way.

Start a Flash Fiction Gallery.

How does it work? (Read your mind :-))

Post a flash-fiction (33 or 55 words) and provide a key word or image as “Prompt”. Readers come up with their flash fiction utilizing the key word – in prose or verse and in any genre – and post their contributions in the “Comments” which end up in a “Flash Fiction Gallery”.

Fictions are supposed to have an introduction, body and conclusion. If you can pull it off, great. But if you can tell your story without these strait jackets – excellent! However, please keep within and do not exceed the word count – that’s the challenge.

Check out the first gallery here > Covert Affairs. See also my first 55-word Gallery.

************ I’ve discontinued this due to time constraints ************

If you’re not into 33 or 55 words but more of a free ranging soul, no worries. I’ve got that covered too 😀

Ad hoc Gallery (Click to see sample post)

Some of your commenters are probably like mine – amazingly talented – and probably post haiku, poems and random flash-fiction as Comments. Compile and post these on an ad hoc basis – again giving due copyright credit for their work and linking back to their blogs.

With this “Gallery” format, in essence, everyone gets two shots of exposure – when they first post their flash fiction/haiku in the “Comment” and later in the “Gallery”.

Depending on how interesting the flash-fictions and/or haiku, there’s added traffic to your blogs – yours as well as your commenters’.

************ I’ve discontinued this due to time constraints ************

Thank you for your visit and have a great day ahead 😀

*** NB: Header Image Credit @ David Koh ***


    1. Thank you, Kerri – there are thousands of blogs out there and lovely to find the few with very good content. And that list of great blogs continue to grow —


    1. Thank you, Maryam,
      Please do participate when you catch the time. You write lovely poetry and can post verse instead of prose, as some others do.

    1. Hello Barb (?)

      I gather you’re from Australia – though your “About” page is in default mode.

      Glad to have you visit and read. I’ve also ticked to receive your updates.

      All good wishes, Eric

  1. Thanks for reading my middle of the night spontaneous dream diary. Glad you liked it. I enjoy your writing and I love experimentation and sharing and sharing results and ideas. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Eric,
    Since you started reading my blog and I began enjoying yourself I have become an avid fan of what you write. Unfortunately I don’t have near the amount of time I could use for actually commenting and saying thing that need to be said about this or any other blog that I read. For the most part I am dying to ask questions like how did you come up with this, why did you use this particular wording, and the ever popular explain this please. I am not a very smart woman. I am glad comments help you gain more readers. Your blog definitely needs to be enjoyed by a very wide audience.

    1. First off, thank you for reading my posts.

      Like you, I don’t leave comments unless I’ve something worthy to say – so, no worries if you don’t comment.

      Feel free to ask questions, but just a pointer here – though I try to remain polite, I don’t relish requests for information that is easily available in the internet. Please search yourself, is what I hint at.

      Other than this – feel free to ask me anything such as “why did you use this particular wording” – I’ll try to explain but beware this might deprive you the joy of self discovery.

      Thank you for your kind words and all good wishes,
      P/s You have not posted lately, I believe.

  3. I’m delighted that I found your blog – and what a terrific idea to regularly post other blogs on your site. I’m inspired to do the same following my National Poetry Month’s Poem-A-Day efforts.
    As far as your dual existence as a writer and engineer, I have the good fortune to know an electrical engineer who writes mysteries. There’s something tidy and balanced about analytical minds working with the fluid mechanics of language.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your coming posts!

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment – always welcome newcomers 🙂

      Glad you found my idea useful and wish you every success in sharing your blog with like minded souls. Humbled by your words about engineers and writing.

      All good wishes, Eric

    1. Hello John,

      Yes, you’re welcome to participate.

      Thank you also for “subscribing” to my blog. I’ve done the same.

      See you around,
      P/s I’m posting a 55 WFF Gallery in a shortwhile – check it out.

  4. Very interesting! I find the tips on blogging so useful as a new blogger. I have been publishing poetry for years but the world of poetry publishing is so stilted – there is fresh in the blogosphere!

    1. Hello Graham,

      I notice you’ve been blogging since January 2012. I started in mid November 2011, so guess we’re both fairly new in this.

      Glad that you found the tips useful.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Thank you for “following” my blog. I’m doing likewise.

  5. Hi Eric,

    I like your approach to community building. I’m new to this whole blogging malarky so it’s nice to find some pointers.

    I’m beginning to figure Twitter out…I’m lucky enough to have some “switched on” friends here who I meet in the flesh and ask questions of. They recommend Tweet Deck as a way of focusing Twitter activities. Do you know it? They’re also a bit off FB due to various privacy issues and, I think, a sort of general opposition to a monoculture. One of them (@HelenMerrick) did a podcast about this a couple of years ago…it’s on iTunes podcasts and is called Pangalactic Interwebs, I think it’s episode 4 or 5 and includes an interview with Kate Raynes-Goldie (@oceanpark) who’s done a PhD on FB (as you do!).

    Well, I finally got round to commenting on your blog. I’ve really appreciated, as you so accurately observe, your “likes” of my recent posts. I’m glad I finally got here and looking forward to reading more.



    1. Thank you Chris, for your return visit and comment.

      You’ve provided useful information here and I shall check these out in due course.

      Your approach to living life is remarkable, to say the least. As you gathered, if I don’t leave behind a comment, it is only because I don’t have anything really worthwhile to add.

      We’ll be ‘seeing’ each other more, I reckon.

      Cheers, Eric

    1. Please be kind enough to post your contribution as a “Comment” – similar to what other contributors have done.

      Looking forward to you joining us,
      Eric 🙂

  6. 🙂 I am astonished by your schedule goals and I keep my hats off to you for your discipline. 🙂

    1. Well Yoshiko,
      Thank you for visiting – this is a new blog page.
      The schedule works as a guide – nothing set in stone and all subject to tweaking.
      Peace, Eric 🙂

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found my posts as interesting as I’ve found yours. However, there’s more to peruse. Therefore, make yourself at home.
    Meantime, your tips on blogs are a great idea for blogger-community congruency.

    1. Hello Joanna,

      Thank you for your visit and comment. I’ve ticked to follow your blog and shall return.

      Glad that you found my approach in Blog Tips as “a great idea”.

      All good wishes,

  8. Eric: Thanks for the “Like” of my recent flash fiction story over at As a new blogger myself I appreciate the strategies you outline here on your tips page and will definitely be back to try some of your 33- and 55-word challenges. Best regards.

    1. Hello Philip,

      Thank you for the return visit and comment.

      In this modern “sound bit” age, getting people to invest time is the greatest challenge, as you know. Hence, all my blog posts are less than 3 minutes read-time. This is especially so for the two series which I run > Fallen Grace and Mechanic Leigh. You can locate the pages in the Header Line.

      All other posts take but a few seconds to read but (depending on each individual) a lot longer to chew on.

      This has worked for me and I believe for most of my friends in Blogsville.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I’ve loaded a Gallery of 55-word flash fictions today, and shall post one of mine tomorrow.

  9. This helping the blogging community is a great idea – build network and what better way to discover than through recommendation.

    The blog-pick gives a sample of the blogger’s work too. Fortunately “you” have to do all the remembering of your schedules, because it gets a bit too much to follow. We just do the postings if we do get inspired by the prompt.

    Thank you for this wonderful idea and avenue.

    1. Hello dear.

      Glad you find merit in these initiatives Jasey.

      I’m going to let it run for a couple of months and see how it develops.

      Luv and hugz,

    1. Thank you Craig for your visit and supportive comment.

      Many speak, preach about sowing, reaping
      While keeping their purse strings tight
      But easy it is, to drop a seed to ground.
      If it is meant to be,
      Nothing will hold it down.

      Peace Bro,

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