An aircraft engineer, logistician, and former corporate executive, Eric Alagan is also a keen observer of people.

Like many self-taught authors, Eric flowed with his muse and wrote thrillers, humour and even non-fiction. His writing gravitated to his passion for history and interest in geopolitics.

Now, he focuses on historical fiction rich in convoluted plots.

Eric’s novels draw from historical facts; myths; legends; and mores of the times. His stories fill with realism and transports the reader to experience life as it was in centuries past.

To give his muse an avenue for expression, Eric uses this blog. He writes flash fiction, haiku and verse in all genres.

He spends a typical day, reading, researching, writing, and revising his manuscripts.


He is also an exercise junkie and enjoys his daily walk-a-jogs. He loves road-biking. But after his 90-year-old grandma beat him in a cycling race, he stays away from road-biking.

He wanted to take up sky-diving but Grandma beat him to it too—she already has 84 jumps to her credit including 12 free-falls from 15,000 feet. Grandma is also into rock-climbing, lumber-jacking and scuba-diving.

Eric has decided that he will simply try to out-live her.

Updated 26 Feb 2020


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  1. Dear Eric

    Something strange has happened, someone I’ve never heard of posted this message on my blog:

    Dear mrs (excuse me it’s miss!!!) lostupabove, would you be so kind to inform Mr. Alagan that he has been chosen for an award. I dare not tell him myself (says a lot about you I think) therefore I ask you to do it, if you would be so kind. He can find details here: http://wp.me/p1ZC80-JM

    Apparently someone who knows you very well, but doesn’t know me. Anyway I’ve done what she’s (or he, there was no signature) asked me. Take a look and maybe you can let me know what it is, for I haven’t taken a look. after all it is not my business.

    Love and hugs

    Steph xxx

    1. I wonder who that Mrs could be?

      Thank you my dearest and naughtiest 🙂 person in Blogsville. The sun is shining brighter today.

      Congratulations also for winning this award again (?) Anil is one great guy, isn’t he. He is one stout soul.

      Luv and big hugz,

      1. Indeed, again!!! dear Eric (but you far outnumber me). I don’t know if Anil is a guy or a gal, so I always choose my phrasings very carefully. Think I will ask him/her once.
        As for the Mrs, that is supposed to be me, such an insult calling an innocent girl like me Mrs!! but I couldn’t tell you more than that or who she/he is.
        Could you send some sun over, here it is a dull grey day.
        Love and a big hug and congratulations.
        Steph xx

      2. Someone called you Mrs – probably that person is blinder than a blind bat. I hope that bat flies into a cliff – splat !!!

        Anil is a very nice man.

        One order of Sun with special toppings of rainbow lights and tinsel coming your way. Hope you love it.

        Extra helping of luv and hugz for my dear friend,

      3. Thank you lovely Eric, for the sun and for making things clear about Anil
        Love and love and hugs and hugs
        Steph xx (a blind bat indeed)

  2. Hi Eric, I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for your support! I really appreciate it. It means a lot that there are people out there who are enjoying my posts! 🙂 Rebekah

    1. Dear Anil,

      Congratulations on winning the Sunshine Award – I know of no one more deserving.

      What a welcomed gesture from one whom I deeply respect and admire. To be referred to as ‘friend’ by someone as tough as you, beats any award. Thank you very much.

      Peace and luv from a friend,

  3. I’m so glad you stopped past my dirtywordlaundry poetry blog and liked some of my stuff. It gave me an opportunity to come over here and check you out. Boy I’m glad I did. Your writing is amazing. It’s so lively and truly makes for a great read. I definitely be following so I can keep up with all the ‘goodness’ going on over here. 🙂

    1. Dear Lynda,
      Coming from a fellow author, this is high compliment. And if this is your idea of ‘hate’ – I can use all the ‘hate’ I can get 🙂

      Congratulations to you too for having won this recognition from fellow bloggers.

      All good wishes,

    1. Oh, that is lovely.

      Congratulations on winning this award. Continue to spread sunshine to the people in need to share and learn.

      Thank you also for passing this award to me. I much appreciate this.

      Have a great weekend, Eric 🙂

  4. Dear Eric,
    Thank you for sharing your micro-fictions; I can’t wait to read more about Mecanic Leigh!
    I am glad you found something you liked on my blog as well! 🙂


  5. Dear Eric,

    What a wonderful page you have! I just wanted to let you know that I feel very flattered about the fact that you like my blog!

    Yours is very inspiring Especially: “love me even more for what I am not.”

    I hope you stop by again!

  6. Thank you for stopping by and reading, “The Start of an Age” on my blog Freedom to Change. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. I will be following your blog and wish you all the best!


    1. Hello Parry,
      Congratulations on winning this award. Well done indeed.

      Thank you for thinking of me. The Liebster is for bloggers with less than 200 subscribers which disqualifies me. However, I do thank you for the thought and shall post an acknowledgement when I grab sometime.

      Wishing you a lovely weekend, Eric

    1. Congratulations on winning this award 🙂 Well done indeed.

      Thank you for thinking of me. I accept but it would take some time for me to get around to posting it, etc. if you don’t mind.

      Wishing you a lovely weekend too, Eric

      1. It’s no problem at all- like I said in the post and message to everyone I placed down, there is no pressure to participate or expectations from me involved here- So approach it when you wish to and when you are ready.- 🙂 Meantime, thank you for responding and enjoy the close to your weekend.

  7. Hello, Eric. Thanks for dropping by and liking my poem, Katzenjammer. Also want to say “Congratulations” on your various blogging awards. I’m looking forward to reading some of the thoughts & poem you’ve shared.


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