In today’s episode, we enter the Cholan palace complex, and discover Queen Devaney’s liaison with a court official. Filled with danger, that relationship will also have a telling effect on the Cholan lineage. 


  1. Hi Eric,

    You match the pictures to your story very well.

    I was just thinking if this had been in imperial China, Kachagan would have been a eunuch, LOL. Hmmph.. now I wonder if all the children are from the Chinese emperors. 🤭

    1. Hi there, Windy 🙂
      Glad you like the pairing. It’s a real pain to get the AI to come up with the images I require. It’s a bit of a trial-and-error reiterating and tweaking the prompts. But the AI tools are improving every week, and I guess by year’s end, there’ll be new features that can do a much better job interpreting the prompts.
      Yes, from what I know, South Indian dynasties never resorted to the draconian practice of castration. It was only in later centuries, Asiatic invaders (Afghans, Turkic, Persian, etc.) brought that abhorrent practice to North India. And eunuchs appeared wherever these invaders ruled, even in parts of the Deccan in the south.
      Yet, the indigenous south Indian kings did not adopt it.
      Thank you for your visit, and comment.

  2. The illustrations accompanying this summary are stunningly beautiful worthy of nobility that they portray. As usual you outdo yourself Eric,. Your thumbnail image of yourself shows you smiling and different from the Eric that I knew in times past. Perhaps you are now retired from engineering and management or recovering from an illness. I hope that all is well with you and yours. I especially thank you as you inspire. You motivate me to update my images and start posting again.

    1. Hello Jane 😊
      Delighted to have you visit.
      All these images are AI generated, and not stock images of real people/models. Thank you for your kind words, but I’m a beginner, still grappling with the latest AI tools.
      You’re right. I’ve decided to kick off my leather shoes and stress, and go casual – and save on razor blades. LOL! Not ill or anything like that. Nowadays, I smile a lot more, and actually beginning to like myself. LOL!
      All is well over here. I hope and trust that everything fine in your neck of the woods too.
      Yes, please do start posting again.

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