In today’s episode, we meet the Cherans, Pandyans, and the tribals – the Kallans and Maravans.
It was a time when loyalties shifted not only among the Velir princes but also among the tribal clans. The Kallans, especially, were numerous and spread throughout Tamilakam – similar to the Prussians, before the Germanic princes came together.
Though the Moo Vendhar (Three Kings) did not admit it, they knew that the tribals were crucial to get things done – especially in conducting proxy raids and ventures. And the tribals proved convenient scapegoats.


  1. Hi Eric,

    Me thinks you are really getting the hang of doing these videos. A little add-ons here and there. Nice.

    Whether it is ancient or current times, there are always those who prefer to live in harmony and those that instigates a fight at every available opportunity just to have petty gains.

    Have a good week ahead.

    1. Hi Windy,
      It might look like I’ve got the hang of it, but actually, I remain a novice and learning every day. I’m being honest, no fake humility here. LOL.
      You’re right, every generation insists on making the same mistakes their forefathers already made and learned the hard way.
      I’m good, and trust that you’ll have a great week ahead, too.

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