Esther rang the bell again but received no response. Strange, as Magdalene was a homebody and at two in the morning should be in her flat.

Rifling through her handbag, she pulled out a heavy key chain and after several attempts, found the key to the lock. With a click, the lock gave, and she pushed in the door. The hinges squeaked, and she grimaced.

The apartment was dark with a dull glow coming from the kitchenette. Esther felt a sharp prick in her heart. Magdalene was afraid of the dark and always kept her apartment blazing bright.

And Tabby, where was she; that feline would have curled herself around Esther’s ankles by now.

Swallowing hard, she closed the door behind her and stepped into the small living room. Everything looked neat and screamed of Magdalene, the tidiness freak. Esther headed for the comfort of the light and threw nervous glances over her shoulders.

She missed the wet patch. Too late!

She slipped, lost her footing and, with a small cry, fell in a heavy heap. Catching her breath, she rolled to get up but froze!

Staring at her, at eye level, was a man, his mouth opened in a frozen scream.

Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019


  1. Hmm, is that it? Are we to fill in the gaps, there are so many options? Joking aside, it is well written and a good set up although not one that I particularly relish J

    1. Hello Jane,

      I should have hinted that this can be a standalone but also a primer for continuation. I’m with you on the “not relishing” part. Murder/mystery/thrillers are not my cup of tea. But I write flashes in all genre – but not when it comes to novels.


  2. Magdalene had moved out and Esther just stepped into a new tenant’s house. There was a power failure and when the guy heard the door unlocked, he was so scared and peed on the floor. When Esther fell, he thought she wanted to pounce on him.Lol, he fainted on a frozen scream.

    Just like to turn it to a light-hearted scene, Eric. I enjoy this open ending so each of your readers can run wild with their own version.

  3. Hi Eric – that’s a creepy picture ( luckily, I can’t say I used to have a girl-friend like that ! ) – certainly sets the scene for your cliff hanger ending.

    I received the book, thanks ! and I shall devour it in the next few days.

    best – Bill

    1. Hello Bill,
      That was my intention – an ending with a wham! Poor little innocent Magdelene. Don’t open her refrigerator – you’ll never know what to expect.

      Glad that the book came through. I hope and trust that you’ll enjoy it.

      Have a great week ahead,

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