1. Hello Ian,

      Welcome back 🙂

      You’re right. Many people in positions of power are intelligent and driven but they do not possess the moral fortitude to wield power.


    1. Hello Windy,

      Yes, I’m sure like me, you too have encountered many of these great warriors who, even when confronted with injustice and worse, keep silent for self-preservation.

      You see that here in Singapore. In the face of abuse of power, all the opinionated pundits keeping silent to save their rice bowls. Makes all decent people want to puke.

      Trust your week is going well,

      *** Oldest Profession ***

      Integrity sold
      The survival of cowards
      Weakening species

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019

    1. Hello Jim,

      First comment on my blog. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your haiku,

      *** City Hall ***

      We voted for them
      They flex and flaunt and reveal
      Wolves and sheep make pact

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019

    1. Hello Bill,

      The hammer does have its uses and in my younger days, my first resort. With age, I prefer the soft approach. But you’re right, there are limits beyond which we need to stand our ground.


      *** Choices ***

      Soft does not mean weak
      Giants talk and walk softly
      Footprints reveal much

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019

    1. Hello Willow,

      True that missteps by police officers receive much publicity but most “badge” are decent people who do their best under trying conditions, I reckon.


      *** Moral Strength ***

      Test his moral strength
      Give him a badge and a gun
      His actions reveal

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2019

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