1. It is the widow’s mite story, and I enjoyed the commentary twists. You always manage to get us all thinking! It also brings to mind “My Fair Lady”. When Liz’s father is offered money he essentially responds don’t give me too much, because I can blow a small amount but if you give me too much I’ll have to be responsible. When a person hovers on the edge of poverty parting with what is left doesn’t hurt too much for they are accustomed to having nothing. Those who have more find it harder to budget and to give generously because want scares them.

    1. Hello Jane,

      By commentary twist if you refer to the flash in response to Windy’s comment, yes, I love to pick up and run with readers’ thoughts.

      And you’re one of the few visitors who read all the comments. Such thoroughness is the highest form of compliment for any blogger. Thank you very much.

      Your view that the poor are more willing to part with what little they have set me thinking. This thought never crossed my mind. Novel and true. Thank you, Jane, I learned something new today.

      All good wishes for the week ahead,

      A cat darted across the footpath and sent the jogger crashing to the ground. The Old Man dragged the jogger to the side and examined his injury. The ankle had twisted and an ugly swell was forming.

      ‘I can set it for you but it’ll hurt plenty,’ said the Old Man.

      ‘I’m ex-military and am used to pain,’ said the jogger. ‘Go for it.’

      He gritted his teeth and yelped when the Old Man gave a deft twist and straightened the ankle.

      ‘You’ll be all right,’ said the Old Man. ‘But you’ll not do any walking, let alone jogging for a while.’


      ‘Yeah, I know,’ said the Old Man. ‘You’ve a headset and music but brought no money.’

      The Old Man took out his wallet and handed over his last dollar.

      ‘Take a bus,’ he said, and he set off down the footpath.

      It took a moment before it hit the jogger. He called out after the receding figure.

      ‘Hey! That was all the money you had.’

      ‘I’m used to hunger.’ The Old Man waved over his shoulder and kept going.

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Ina,
      The widow’s mite it is 🙂

      *** Not Novel ***
      Sequels and prequels
      Every story has been told
      New slants give new life

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  2. Sorry Eric, I don’t feel like being serious on a Monday. I was thinking along the line where the man had a hole in his pocket. His last coin rolled out, dropped into the beggar’s bowl and he cannot retrieve it as others were looking. So he went to the back alley and kicked himself. Then he hopes that someone might give him a lift on his long walk home, afterall he accidentally did a good deed. Lol.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Yes, Monday mornings can be a drag.

      Your version is a unique interpretation, and it set me thinking. I love such comments 🙂

      Here’s a development based on your idea:

      The Old Man had a magical coin, given him by his grandfather who said,
      ‘Spend this coin for the good of man, and you will sup forever.’
      After dropping the coin in the beggar’s bowl, and his pockets empty, he walked home. Over the ten-mile hike, he picked up ten coins.
      The Old Man dined well that night.

      Hope you like the flash.


    2. Oh I love your new flash even more. Magic coin is so enchanting and full of life giving hopes. And the old man had great company where he dined.

  3. Well you really had my mind working on this one Eric. So many different possibilities to that last observation. Could be character, could be a man of wealth who is too tight with his money. Did you deliberately leave the question open or did you have a particular issue in mind?

    1. Oh dear, my apologies Ian if I created questions where there were none.

      I meant it as people taking the man’s generosity as a given – very much as in when we drop a few coins or dollar without even a second thought.

      But in this man’s case – it was all the money he had. Now that’s generosity. Such thoughts put me to shame for I give only that which I don’t have a need for. In this regards, I’ve a long way to go.

      All good wishes, Ian, for the week ahead,

    1. I’m with you on this one, Ankur.

      Most common folks simply play their part and move along.

      Of course, where a politician is involved – there will always be an oversized cheque presentation complete with media coverage. And to begin with – the money is probably not coming from his pocket. Do a quick internet search – cheque presentation – and you’ll see the charades. LOL.

      Have a great start to your week, my friend,

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