1. Beautiful haiku and photo, Eric, and I love the contrasting meaning between day and night travels. I had to look up astral travel, too. Happy to see I’m not alone there. 🙂

    1. Hello Lauren,

      Thank you and Happy Halloween, again 🙂


      *** 24 by 7 ***
      Always travelling
      Eyes travel during the day
      Come nighttime, soul soars

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan

  2. Enjoyed this one, Eric. Do they do haiku in the local languages where you are ?
    I always wonder about the meaning of poetry crossing languages.

    1. Hello Bill,

      Haiku is actually a Japanese poetic form with some pretty strict rules. What I write is a poor form and in English. But I like the challenge of conveying ideas in the 5-7-5 syllable format. It helps with succinct sentences in my books.

      In Singapore the primary languages are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Other than English, I doubt haiku is written in the other three languages – but I hasten to add that I’m not well informed in this regards.


      *** Poetry ***
      Purists uphold rules
      Sheltered preserves of their worth
      Future norms bubble

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Thank you, Michelle,

      On a clear night so breath taking – the sparklers in the heavens.


      *** Pixels ***
      Not in god’s image
      But pixels making the whole
      We are one with Him

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  3. You are a deep thinker Eric. We do need the darkness to see the big picture don’t we? In the light of day we are diverted by the pressure of making a living and interacting with society around us. Our minds are taxed. But sitting under the stars and looking up at that immense set of universes shows us how small we are and how temporary our stressful daylight hours add to life. I suppose that’s why some religionists admonish us to shut down the day and reflect inner peace that takes us beyond this stressful, violent and sick world to another by choice.

    1. Hello Ian,

      We all go through the stages of laying foundations, caring for family, and trying to achieve “success” – and each having our own definition of success. But with the years slipping away, you and I, and many of our fellow bloggers, have reached the stage in life where we tend to reflect quite a bit.

      I enjoy my stay here and hope to remain as long as I am useful, can contribute, and not a burden to family. But I also quite look forward to the yonder.

      What great revelations, what unimaginable adventures beckon.


      *** The Yonder ***
      Adventure beckons
      Anxious, also excited
      Promised home coming

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  4. I should have used this word “astral travel” to my teachers when they used to accuse me of “daydreaming”. You see, in astral travel, I am gaining knowledge afar and communicating with higher realms. LOL.

    1. LOL! Windy,

      Perhaps I should have used that excuse too. Unfortunately, I was the studious type and not given to ‘daydreaming’. Yes, I know. What a boring childhood I had 🙂

      Luv and hugz,

      *** Fathomless Knowledge ***
      Exploring, searching
      A whack and am wide awake
      Hit by new knowledge

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

  5. I am so ignorant that I had to look up astral travel. I find the concept of OBEs interesting particularly as sometime Parkinson’s patients, like me, act out their dreams by sleep walking, talking etc. Apart from flying in one’s dreams this is about as close as I get. No doubt it takes concentrated practice. Great Haiku!

    1. Jane dear,

      So good of you to take time off from the delightful distractions that come with helping to mind the grandchildren.

      Believers say this:

      All of us – including the naysayers – astral travel. This usually occurs when we sleep and most times taken to be “dreams”. Though not all dreams are astral travel, we recall all astral travel as dreams.

      Unlike us commoners, adepts can astral travel at will – while awake. With training and practice, all of us should be able to do so too. It is believed eons ago, humans could astral travel before we lost it due to abuse. It is also believed that animals such as cats can do so too – even now.

      Fascinating, I reckon.

      (I believe in astral travel)

      *** Sixth Sense ***
      Man, one tenth conscious
      Exploring the universe
      Nine tenth awaits man

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

    1. Hello Ina,
      Both haiku – thank you 🙂

      *** Shapes of Life ***
      Many shapes in life
      Physical, figurative
      Order in chaos

      Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018

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