I posted a quick comment on Pacific Paratrooper’s post Smitty’s Guard Duty – Letter XVI and decided to turn it into a post.

During officer cadet training in the Special Constabulary (the national service arm of the police force), I was rostered as duty officer at the Buona Vista training camp. That was a twenty-four hour stint and most of the regular officers were known to take a nap at night. But I was new, young and all fired up.

Therefore, I decided to do the rounds at night. Even back then, I welcomed the peace and quiet and Buona Vista in the 1970s was among the less developed parts of Singapore.

I came upon a 2-man guard detail at one of the more remote posts where the perimeter fence bordered a small forest. They were young guys, destined for beat patrol, and no older than me. Their faces were as white as newly laundered sheets.

They had seen an apparition. A woman had appeared to them and disappeared. Both of them have had the vision on separate occasions that night. She had come upon the first guy while he, too lazy to trudge back to the toilets, was taking a leak in the bushes. His bladders froze up. About the same time, the second sentry in the tiny post had seen a woman approach. He had panicked, shut the glass door and hid under the table. I could not figure out how that helped but that’s another story.

Seeing how agitated they were, I spent the watch with them until the relief guard arrived. I ordered the guys not to spook the new comers and the three of us walked back a little way. Then, I took the turn to continue with my rounds and saw the fear return to their eyes. But I decided they had to bite the bullet and get over it. The following day, under bright sunlight, they seemed none the worse but sheepishly thanked me.

When I mentioned the incident to the Sergeant-at-Arms, an old timer, he was quite nonchalant.

‘Oh, that was Lucy,’ he said. ‘And trust me, you don’t want to put it in the log.’

Yes, they even had a name for her.

Care to share your stories about the supernatural?

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  1. Intriguing piece, my friend. It reminded me of when I was about 15 or so, and our family was vacationing on Bailey Island in Maine.

    At around 9 pm or so, my brother and I went for a walk down a pitch-black path that led to a small beach. There was no moon, only stars. We both strained our eyes to see in the gloom.

    Suddenly, an incredibly bright light flooded us from above. it was blinding how bright it was and, in front, we saw four or five undulating black lines moving towards us.

    We froze where we stood and as soon as the wavy lines approached, at the same time we tried stepping over them. As soon as we took our first step the brilliant light disappeared. There was no sound at all, just complete silence in the dark.

    Wide-eyed, we looked at each other and bolted home, not wishing to experience that again.

    Once inside and after regaling our story, our family laughed at us, thinking we were just joking around. But we were not. It was unexplainable that experience.

    And to to this day, decades later, if I bring up that moment to my brother, he will repeat the story, word for word.

    Alien encounter? Perhaps they weren’t interested in two teenage boys and vanished to seek human specimens elsewhere.

    Anyway, good read, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Paul 🙂

    1. Dear Paul,

      Wow! That must have been some experience.

      I do not for a moment doubt that you and your brother had a real experience. But what that was – aliens? Perhaps. Something metaphysical – perhaps. Whatever it was – truly intriguing.

      Thank you for sharing – wonderful indeed.

      All good wishes, my friend,
      Eric 🙂

  2. This is attention-grabbing. I enjoyed reading it.

    I wonder if juju-related experiences do count. Here is one of them.

    While with my brothers and I were still living with our parents, our compound was daily menaced by some unknown creature–we believed it was a cat at the time because of its paw prints. This went on four three years. This creature defecated everywhere (the excreta was large than a cow’s) and in our attempt to stop it, there was nothing we didn’t do–prayers included. Before its nuisance came to end, we started seeing the footprints (woman-size) all around each faeces,

    1. Hello, Uzo, my friend,

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes, all strange stories are welcomed – and juju-related is right up there.

      The story you related is intriguing. It’s a pity that (cheap) CCTVs were probably not readily available until recently. A video recording would have been quite revealing.

      Now we also get edited film footage – people pulling pranks, which muddies the waters for others trying to crack cases of ‘disturbances’ and ‘sightings’.

      All good wishes,

      1. CCTVs are certainly a brilliant.

        We live in a fenced-in neighbourhood, and at the time, this occurrence only happened during the night. I remember we did hire a security agency. A team of six men did surveillance on our premises on the first night, and on the second night a yard from where they were talking they suddenly found fresh faeces. After that incident, we decided to connect the ground of our premises to a power source. Still the same result. However that menace came to end remains a mystery to us all.

      2. Your revelations pile on the mystery, my friend. I remain completely invested.

        What do you mean by “… we decided to connect the ground of our premises to a power source.”


  3. No supernatural stuff that wasn’t a figment of my imagination from overwork and too much partying in my late teens .lol. I do remember doing night duty during compulsory army service in the 1950’s. I was sent alone to a spot in thick jungle and was terrified not of spirits but of being visited by a snake.

  4. I have hallucinated but never experienced an apparition with someone by my side to collaborate. What an experience, judging from the above comments It appears that such appearances are more frequent than many dare to believe. As usual you stimulate and intrigue..

    1. Hello Jane,

      People avoid ridicule and therefore don’t speak of their experiences. Some even try to laugh it off – false bravado? Perhaps. Others seek rationale answers. Quite often there are fact based reasons to debunk most of the ‘sightings’.

      However, the few unexplained events – those intrigue.

      Trust your week is turning out all right.


    1. You’re welcome!

      I’ve witnessed people who are terrified. But with daybreak – they acquire a different perspective. That is funny 🙂

      On the flip side, I’ve also come across ignorant people – and what a epiphany after they’ve had a first hand experience. Now that is funny too 🙂


  5. Actually we did not get the room we booked for but was supposedly upgraded. I think they want us to experience a higher level of service complete with spook, lol.

    Yes, blocking a HDB is unbelievable and I thought our government fear no evil because they can outdo them.

    You have a great week too, Eric.

  6. A few years back, during the Lunar New Year, my sis and I wanted to stay at the Resorts World Sentosa(RWS) for a staycation but all the hotels were fully booked. So we booked a hotel in Sentosa, within walking distant to RWS. Sentosa was formerly Pulau Blakang Mati which translates from Malay means “Island of Death from Behind”. But it is now a flourishing tourist site. We believe the hotel we stayed was one of the old colonial conservation building.

    On the eve of the New Year, we checked in. Walked around and surveyed the surroundings. After dinner, we went back to take a shower. My sis went to the toilet while I drew the curtain up to enjoy the night scene. Barely 5 mins later, my sis ran out from the toilet, her face pale and body shivering. She said she saw a bobbing reflection in one of the mirror and asked to go home immediately. I went in to check and she stood near the door edge. I did not spot anything and suspect she had spooked herself but there was no dissuading her. We packed and left about 1am in the morning. When we checked out, the hotel staff enquired and we told her what we saw. I had the feeling we were not the first case. She pretended to look surprised and regret. I did not get any refund as it was a peak season.

    1. Wow! Windy,

      Thank you for sharing.

      That hotel experience must have been spooky. If the hotel knew of such occurrences, it was quite unethical of them to let out the room.

      Near where I live, the HDB has blocked off a section of an apartment block. They are not saying but word is – or, is it a case of rumours filling a void in information – the section is haunted. And this in 2018! How about that, huh?

      Have a great week ahead,

  7. Yes – I’m very glad you did this! I enjoyed it, but you never know how many others read the comments.
    Thank you for adding the link, very nice of you, Eric.

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