1. Sinewy and lithe
    Wolves watched on oversized TV
    By ponderous folk.

    My Dear Eric,

    So true, so true. The plethora of products expanding our waistlines are infinite, an abundance unheard of in the animal world. Perhaps if we, like them, had to forage and hunt for our food, we’d be just as lean and would not be fooled by the next diet fad.

    But wait! Just one more episode of Desperate Housewives while I consume an entire bag of Doritos…

    Take care, my friend!
    Paul πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Many look, few see
      Technology at its worst
      Wasting precious life

      Dear Paul,

      Always good to have you visit and comment πŸ™‚

      I like that – diet fad – nice one πŸ™‚ Now, personal mobility devices (PMDs) replace even simple walking. We can expect more obesity – plus accidents, etc.

      BTW, happy to say that I’ve stopped watching TV for a couple of years now. But I do catch documentaries and movies on Netflix – about twice a week.

      All good wishes,
      Eric πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Plenty is too much
      Great gifts come with great burdens
      All know but few act

      Hello Jane,

      You’re absolutely right. No gift is “absolutely free”.

      All good wishes for the weekend,

    1. Sustenance to live
      Many live in poverty
      Others live to eat

      Hello Lauren,

      You are right – if we figure out the secret, we can solve many health issues.


    1. More of you to love
      Ignore health, medical fees πŸ™‚
      Seen any fat plants? πŸ™‚

      Hello Ina,

      Actually, like many men I know – I too prefer our women to be plus sized. Sometimes the pressure to conform is great but I for one have always resisted it. Here is an old post of mine

      Nerds of Wisdom


  2. “Not obese?” How did I miss that? And for a very long time? You know, we can learn a lot from animals, birds, and insects?

    1. School always open
      Students never stop learning
      Graduates of Life πŸ™‚

      Hello Uzo, dear friend,

      You have been gone and so good to have you return!

      How are you? I notice you’ve stopped blogging. I stopped too but restarted last year and plan to keep going.

      You’re right – we can learn much from animals, birds and insects.

      All good wishes,

    2. It’s always refreshing to read your posts, my good friend. I intend to make a comeback soonest. Work and finishing touches on my debut novel have kept me away.

  3. Do you think mother nature is fat also, that’s why she excludes animals and humans so she has companion. And mother nature is not too healthy because she coughs and we get earthquake, then she pukes lava from the volcano, her stomach rumbles like thunder and she sends lightning strike in her fury. Hard to maintain mother nature’s balance, Eric.

    1. Blame it on our genes
      Not diet nor exercise
      Buffet spread beckons πŸ™‚

      Hello Windy,

      I love your take. Had not looked at Mother Nature like that – yes, when she is in discomfort, we know.


    1. Superb role models
      Passing the gym once a week
      I am getting close πŸ™‚

      Hello Ian,

      From all your photo images – you look good.

      There was this obese co-worker. He was the tease of the office. One day, he announced with some accomplishment, “Hey, guys! I actually walked past a gym last night.” LOL!

      All good wishes,

  4. So true! The only fat animals you see are someone’s pets! Nature is always trying to find a balance – that’s why it’s hard believe humans are part of it!

    1. Part and yet, apart
      Nature’s balance tipped by man
      Whole new industries

      Hello GP,
      Very true – about fat pets. When I come across over weight dogs, for example, that turns me off. I suppose, it’s a hangup I’ve yet to shake loose.

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