Many harbor romanticized notions of some animals in the wild. For example: hyena scavenger, bad.  Dolphin smiling, good. But reality can be a dampener.

The more we learn of animal behavior, the more we are impressed. They are not angels, neither are they evil. Sounds familiar?

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  1. They’re wild animals, as Ian said, so we can’t expect that “angel” side to shine through all the time. I deal with this too often regarding dogs in our neighborhood. It gets old when the owner says, “my dog is friendly” as that dog proceeds to growl or bark aggressively at mine (who is also friendly, haha). Then the owner says, “oh, he’s never done that before. I’m so sorry.” Well, the truth of the matter is even domesticated dogs are all different and how they react with new dogs and new people is yet to be determined. It’s all good, but it needs to be understood. It’s just not a clean-cut situation. Sorry for the rambling, Eric, but dolphins don’t exist in my everyday world; dogs do. lol

    1. My dog is friendly
      A friendly bite he will give
      Keep away, doggy!

      Hello Lauran,

      Your comment is very welcomed and shares a common experience for most of us, I reckon. I go for daily walk-a-jog and sometimes come across dog owners who do not keep their animals on leash. My sentiments are simple – you bite me and I will hurt you bad. Unless it is a trained attack dog, one can take it on. I know this might come across as harsh – but one must never give up the right of self-defence. And for the rest, let the law handle it.

      P/s Not exactly a haiku – my response 🙂

      1. I concur, Eric. 🙂
        And here’s to your haiku:

        another off-leash
        dog, Oh, but it’s friendly, see?
        bark, growl, bark, growl…bite!


    1. Angels in the wild
      Also demons in the house
      Unique creatures all

      Hello Ina,

      Yes, true. I had dogs as pets and each of them – different in temperament. Cats are not the only ones with attitude, I reckon – LOL!


  2. I suggest that we humans are the cruelest of all. “Wild” animals generally don’t kill for pleasure or torture others of their species, for revenge, pleasure or some esoteric belief system. Yes, indeed, we often misrepresent nature to our children even to the extent, for example, of making the T-Rex a cuddly loveable stuffed animal. You’ve done it again – and got us all thinking. Thank you!

    1. Kill to eat, survive
      For mates they fight, seldom kill
      Child fears bogey man

      Hello Jane,

      You are right – we humans are cruelest of the lot. Even when they kill, some do it with utmost cruelty – the thought of that Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage remains vivid. Where can this cruelty emanate from if not pure evil.

      Your T-Rex example brought a smile – you are right, I missed noticing those types. But on the other hand, I have heard parents in the playground coaxing their little innocents to avoid children of a different colour and/or social standing. Sad.

      And as usual, you are unstinting with your compliments. Thank you 🙂

      All good wishes,

    1. Hailing from same source
      Great gifts come with great concerns
      So we shall be judged

      Hello Bill,

      Very true. Though humans are broadly classified as part of the animal kingdom – that is only the starting point.

      All good wishes,

    1. Pendulum swings low
      Creator tires of game
      Snake swallows its tail

      Good one, Ian,
      The animals in the slaughter house probably see us as ogres. I read somewhere that everyday, everyday, millions of feed animals are killed in quite cruel fashion – that has everything to do with cost and expedience.

  3. In my primary school reading book, there was a story of how a seagull hurts one of its wings and landed on a young girl’s window latch. She picked it and nursed it to health. She wanted to keep it as her pet but her parent managed to persuade her to let it go. I grew up with the impression that seagulls are beautiful white birds that glide above the sea and feed on fishes only until I was told that they also hunt and feed on small birds. The image I have shattered.

    But like you said, there is no angel or devil. It is probably how nature balance itself.

    1. Ignorance is bliss
      Chimpanzees eat small monkeys
      Shocked, I grew up fast!

      Hello Windy,
      Some awakenings are rather rude. But as children, we need to view the world with rose tinted glasses. But as grow older and better informed, we need to adapt. The key here, I suppose, is to constantly update our views.

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