1. can not live without
    your love that deceives me so
    please take my heart’s key


    Wonderful haiku, Eric, that sadly speaks of love for many…

    Wishing you a peaceful tomorrow, Lauren

    1. Key opens one’s heart
      Time reveals treasure or trash
      Choices make or break.

      Hello Lauren,
      Thank you and yes, all seek love and hope to ride into the sunset. The lucky ones find true love.
      Peace to you too,

  2. Melancholia:
    Bereaved, it clutches my heart
    Lost without your Love.

    Yet once again a poignant poem, dear Sir. Clever, as well, your replies in haiku form. Great to catch up with your wit and wisdom, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,
    Paul 🙂 🙂 🙂

    A tormented soul
    Impoverished impotent
    Dear Love, come to me.

    1. He honours me so
      Deserving, perhaps not me
      Flourishing friendship 🙂

      Dear Paul,
      Ordinarily, bloggers post haiku on their own blogs – and rightly so. But you so generously share them here. Both your haiku are excellent, and speak volumes. I hope my readers pay your blog a visit too. You’re a rare type of friend and I’m blessed.
      Peace, my dear friend,

  3. Haikus flow everywhere these days but few have the depth that you bring to yours, As usual, thank you for stimulating at many levels and being so profound. In lieu of peace I buzz about your talent!

    1. A good friend uplifts
      Or, mere tinder I remain
      Grateful for the spark 🙂

      Hello Jane,
      As usual, you are so very generous. A simple stroke of a brush – and you take away so much from it. Is this a reflection on the author? I doubt, for quite often, we merely toss a pebble. It takes the wise to discern the truths contained in the ripples.

    1. Lovesick, an illness
      Fatal it is, untreated
      One person holds cure 🙂

      Hello Ian,
      What you say is very true. Most folks know that bees are crucial for our survival too.

  4. Love is simple yet complex.
    Simple in its genuineness, complex in it’s intention.
    A child senses and interpretes better than adults.
    Not surprising that peace fills and eludes at the same time.
    Love is enigmatic, I think.

    1. ‘Known’ you for years now
      Intellectual, you have grown 🙂
      You enhance my blog

      Hello Windy dear,
      I have much to learn from you and of you.

    2. You have always inspired, set my grey cells working.
      Whoever named them grey cells had it so appropriate, not white or black cells.
      Grey because there are many view points. I have learnt this and much more from you, Eric.

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