BROTHER GRINN: Welcome to Radio Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Reporting from Berlin, we are, this morning.

BROTHER GRINN: Ladies and Germs, in yesterday’s news we reported that Mr Sun had again risen in the east and heading westward.

BROTHER GRINN: Westward Ho! Says I, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: Nope, says you, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Nope, this is not a German rip-off of a western.

BROTHER GRINN: Shucks! All this yellow paint bought I, and much cheap too.

BROTHER GRINN: But we’re already yellow, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: We are? Oh dear, Brother Grinn. Yes, yellow we are. Not so brave, I fear.

BROTHER GRINN: Well, Brother Grinn, you can use the yellow paint for the river.

BROTHER GRINN: But China, blessed is she with a river and yellow it is and goes by the exotic name of Yellow River, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Was there something profound in all this, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Bathes he in the Yellow River, no need, he has for yellow paint.

BROTHER GRINN: Why are you speaking like that, Brother Grinn, is it some Yodaish mumbo jumbo?

BROTHER GRINN: He who at the Dalai Lama’s feet sits, spews only mumbo, never any jumbo, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Sigh! Where are you off to now, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Too crowded at the Dalai Lama’s feet, it has become. I’m off to cleanse in the Red Sea, for the Dalai so lama (late) in washing his lotus feet. Emerging from the Red Sea, turn into brave Red Indian, wear chicken feathers and use much yellow paint, I will.

BROTHER GRINN: Where are you, Brother Grinn? You vanished! Wow!

BROTHER GRINN: Trickery, it was not, but an – Oops! Tripped over a naked chicken, I did, and fell into the Black Sea.

BROTHER GRINN: Here, let me turn on the light.


BROTHER GRINN: On second thoughts, I’ll keep the light off.


BROTHER GRINN: Profound, you’ve become, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Yodaish, you’ve become, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Like you, my new persona, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: We’ll let the readers decide, Brother Grinn.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***

*** Join the Brothers Grinn right here next Saturday for more nonsense ***


  1. Oh no, Eric, did you introduce the Dalai Lama to Brother Grinn? Many a poet writes “funny” after they attain enlightenment at his feet. It’s no wonder Brother Grinn plunged into the Black Sea where darkness reveals more.

    Always enjoy your Brothers Grinn post. Please don’t make them report the traffic news, you know what will happen.

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello, Ms Windy.
      BROTHER GRINN: As you wish, here’s the traffice news.
      BROTHER GRINN: Some useful info, before we start, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup! For those of you who wrote in to ask how far it is from Singapore to Malacca, the quick answer is – quite far.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup! Good information, that, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Why, thank you, Brother Grinn. And for those of you who wrote in to ask how long it’ll take to drive from Singapore to Malacca, the quick answer is – not too long.
      BROTHER GRINN: One toilet break, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, combined with a snack break of nasi lemak and curry puffs, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: We’re going local, are we, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Yah lah, yes loh, wokay-wokay – delete as applicable, Brother Grinn.
      Smiley 5_1

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello, Mr Ian
      BROTHER GRINN: Is that the moral of the story, Brother Grinn, that one changes colour bathing in coloured seas?
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, but first, must find one, the coloured sea, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: But names notwithstanding, water is colourless, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Ah, and discovered you have, Brother Grinn, a great cosmic truth.
      BROTHER GRINN: And what great truth, pray, have I stumbled upon, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: It matters not, Brother Grinn, what calls one himself, for same we are all, like life giving water we are, deep down.
      BROTHER GRINN: Now, that’s really deep, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Is it, Brother Grinn? Why, thank you!
      Smiley 1_1

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello Ms Jane, thank you.
      BROTHER GRINN: Right, she is, Brother Grinn, for too serious is the world, generally.
      BROTHER GRINN: Say something oginaral, origanal, origi-anal, ogi – you know what I mean, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Nope!
      BROTHER GRINN: I meant, you can’t simply rearrange the words in someone else’s sentence and treat it as your own, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Ah, discovered have you, Brother Grinn, the source of wisdom of the ancients?
      BROTHER GRINN: Sigh! Anyway, Ms Jane has uncovered a mystery, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: And what new mystery this, Brother Grinn, pray tell.
      Silence… and more silence… and (you guessed it) much more silence.
      BROTHER GRINN: Brother Grinn, heard me, did you not?
      BROTHER GRINN: Silence, Brother Grinn, while I do your bidding and pray before telling.
      BROTHER GRINN: Strange as it might be, sailing close to the truth, you are, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: How so, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Filled with clowns, the world is, but all taken too seriously.
      BROTHER GRINN: Are you on about politicians, priests and purse-snatchers aka bankers, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Yes, yes and yes, aka yes, Brother Grinn.
      Smiley 7-1

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