55-word flash fiction based on a video clip of a man walking on the beach.

Seven contributions! More than I’d expected for a first attempt after the long lay off. Thank you all for sharing your efforts. I’m sure our readers will support with their likes and comments.


Gallery: Man Walking on Beach Flash Fiction Gallery

Individual clips if you wish to download/share on your social media platforms. Click on “Share”, copy and paste the link to your Facebook, blog, YouTube, etc. In the order in which the contributions were received:

Chris Black’s Sinking Feeling:

Rahul Menon’s Hope:

Paul Grignon’s Betrayal:

Joyce Johnson’s I are the Boss:

Windy555’s Refuge (Windy does not blog)

Eric Alagan’s Stranded (light):

Jane Stansfeld’s Heaven or Hell:

Kennedy Kamal’s Lonely Days:

Eric Alagan’s Stranded (dark version):

Perhaps not very good but you get the idea – how audio can set the tone of a story. Movie makers have many more tools in their kit – but these come with their own challenges. Writers like us have but words to convey the imagery.

Hope and trust you enjoyed the various interpretations of the prompt.

If you have any suggestions to improve the videos – please post your comments below. If feasible – time, cost and my poor video abilities – I shall try to incorporate in the next flash fiction project.

Look out for the next video prompt on Monday 30 January 2017.



  1. Thank you so much, Eric. You have given life to the stories. Look forward to more contributions in future.

    I figure the Brothers Grinn were not around to bother you. You know how they won’t stop once they start.

    1. You’re very welcome, Windy dear.
      Yes, the Brothers Grinn will be the life of me!

      Brother Grinn: Did Eric say we are his life, Brother Grinn?
      Brother Grinn: I think he did, Brother Grinn.
      Brother Grinn: Eric does not have a life, Brother Grinn!
      Brother Grinn: Who was that, Brother Grinn?
      Brother Grinn: More like, what was that?
      Brother Grinn: What was that, Brother Grinn?
      Brother Grinn: Eric’s demon avatar!
      Brother Grinn: Gulp!
      Brother Grinn: We’re twins, Brother Grinn.
      Brother Grinn: Gulp-Gulp!

  2. Dear Eric,
    Wish you all the very best in this new year !

    I feel the audio and video captures and sustains the reader’s attention better.

    It’s fascinating that one image sparked off different ideas and points of view. Every contribution is distinctive by itself. I enjoyed reading them all.

    One little comment though. The audio did not quite fit every scenario as the postings had varying tones from amusing, cynical, soulful, forsaken, etc. I do apologize because I don’t mean to upset you. Overall, I give many thumbs up if I have many thumbs. ha, ha.

    1. Hello Jasey dear,
      Good to have you visit after all this while. How have you been? Well, I hope.
      And all the very best ahead for 2017 too – and for the forthcoming Lunar New Year.
      Thank you for your encouraging words and no, I take no offence at all as your observations are correct. Ideally, I should customize audio to fit the tone of each story. It’ll take some searching to locate the right audio clip with all the required copyright issues in place. No excuses, I understand, but merely sharing some of the logistical issues. Perhaps, once the contributions reach a plateau , I’ll do just that – customize some more.
      Thank you once again and all good wishes,

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