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My FREE course went live on Saturday 2 April and it has garnered more than 500 students from 74 countries. Udemy, the largest on-line course platform in the world, has now listed it as one of the top courses in Human Resources.


I know this is not for everyone here, but I’m thrilled to share the launch. Check out the course. Click this link > “Interview Questions“.

The course is FREE!

And I thought those of you who are very much in the business/employment market might benefit from this course – hence my post today.

Feel free to share this link with family and friends who might find this course useful. Thank you 🙂

The next step is to get some good reviews.

If you do enroll in the course, I would appreciate it if you can leave behind a review on my course page on Udemy.

Thank you folks,




  1. Very good initiative into Soft Skills, Eric.

    As I say to my students :

    ” your ‘degree’ will get you a ‘call-letter’ for an interview but
    your Soft Skills will get you ‘success’ in that interview and…
    a successful ‘Career’ ” !!

    1. Hello Surindernath,
      Thank you for your visit and comment.
      What you say is very true, my friend. Paper qualifications will open doors but whether one gets admitted and remains successfully in the fold will all depend on one’s skills. I’m sure your students will embrace and reflect on your advice.
      I’ve “met” many young students from India who are taking my “on-line” course. In fact, next to the USA, Indian students form the largest cohort. I’m amazed by how passionate your young people are about learning and acquiring skills. No wonder India is transforming into an economic juggernaut.
      All good wishes,

    1. Thank you, Ankur,
      For your visit, comment and share. Interestingly, after USA, India forms the next largest “student market” for me. It’s amazing the number of young people in India who are constantly upgrading themselves
      All good wishes,

  2. Great video and this class sounds amazing..
    All my best wishes and best of luck with your projects- Aquileana
    PS, By the way, I love your tie, dear Eric.

    1. Hello Aquileana,
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
      This is my first on-line course and more than the teaching material, was the time I had to spend learning about film production. I still have a long way to go.
      Yes, I’ve always used bright ties. Looks more cheerful, I believe. Even in a hard paced work environment, we need to spread some subtle cheer.
      All good wishes,

  3. Eric! How wonderful to visit you – it has been a while! I am proud of you for this course you are offering and for your many achievements. I looked at the course page and it is impressive! Congratulations on the high enrolment rate!!

    1. Hello ChristyB,
      As you know I conduct training/seminars in Singapore. This on-line course helps me to extend my reach. But I need to build social acceptance and traction – hence this first “free” course. Not being sneaky here – but merely a marketing approach.
      Yes, the initial response has been encouraging.
      Thank you dear and all good wishes,

  4. I’m a retired administrator too but understand from experience how important this course is to all those specified by Eric.
    Congratulations Eric on your community spirit and of course your usual academic presentation par excellence.

    1. Hello Ian,
      I always appreciate your visit, your comment and unstinting encouragement.
      As you are a business leader and hiring manager of many years standing, I remain grateful for your support.
      I’ve been busy and do forgive me for not having called on your blog.
      Keep well and all good wishes,

  5. Congratulations, Eric.

    Your generosity in sharing your life time experiences is truly commendable. The tips and takeaways are useful and practical. Am sure those in HR or involved in hiring process will give your course the thumbs up. Well done indeed.

    1. Hello Windy,
      I have much to learn about on-line courses. Shall persevere and keep improving. My students deserve the best.
      All good wishes,

  6. I’m retired and not in business, but I hope it goes real well for you, Eric, and you have great success with your class and students.

    1. Thank you, Joyce,
      Yes, I’m aware that most of my readers here are into books and writing. But I also welcome any advice I can get from people more well versed. One’s learning never ceases.
      Keep well and wishing you all things good,

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