To all my readers and subscribers – as you know, I’ve dropped out of the grid for these past few weeks and do apologize for  not responding to your comments and not visiting your blogs.

I’m tied up with several projects and part of it involves my target to release six novel length works of fiction and non-fiction in 2015. Speak of drowning in the muse! I’ve completed several drafts of three of the books – these are in hibernation. Now, I’m working on the first drafts of the next three. The plan is to get out the first drafts and then revise them at leisure.

After which life returns to ‘normal’ and would allow me to indulge in blogging and other stuff.

Needless to say, I will visit all your blogs and respond to all your comments. In the interim, please bear with me.

All who wrote emails or posted comments enquiring of my absence – thank you for your concern. Truly touches me – love you all.

For my Singapore readers, my distributor has released print copies of my recent books – covers shown above – in Singapore.

You can pick them up at Kinokuniya and Select Books. Over the next few weeks, these will also be available in MPH, Times and other major chains.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Keep well and don’t do anything I won’t – and if you do, let me know all the seedy details 😉



  1. I’m glad you are immersed in good busy – I hope you reach your 2015 goals. You do make me feel like quite the underachiever, though. I’ve been working (or rather, “procrastinating” on the same novel for over a year 🙂

  2. Yay! You’re back. 🙂 I have really wondered about you and where you went. Thanks for filling us all in and I have missed seeing your posts, etc. We all know about ‘busy’ and can relate. Same here. I am busy with my new writers’ group I am leading through the sponsorship of our church and several other things going at the same time. As one can there there is not enough hours in a day to do all, so prioritise all according to need, time and importance. Take care.

  3. Eric, wow that’s a lot of work. Congratulations. I admire your dedication and ambition. I’ve been away from a lot of the blogging world as well since I moved and changed jobs this summer. Good luck and I’ll see you around when you have a moment to breathe. 🙂

  4. Thank you for this update. I miss you and was worried that something might have happened to you. I’m glad that the explanation is so heart warming. I wish you all the best in your ambitious writing goal. Cheerio,
    PS Do NOT take the time to answer this comment. Spend your time working on one of your projects. JS

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