When we mix the seven colours of the rainbow, we get white.

(Note: Seven colours of light, not paint – with paint, we get off white to muddy brown)

What does this tell us – the related links (below) give us hints



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and a haiku





    1. Thank you for your visit and comment – the first here, I reckon.

      Yes, if I find that I can add value to your satires or posts – I shall certainly leave comments behind.

      All good wishes,

  1. This was a very thought provoking haiku. I do love a good haiku. I am sad that there was not another installment of Fallen Grace this Sunday though 🙁

    1. Thank you Janine for your visit and comment.

      Fallen Grace – I’ve completed the draft but not quite happy with the way it flowed. I’m not one to dash out the first draft – but prefer to redo until I am happy before posting. Please do look out for it this Sunday 23 June.

      Peace and luv,

  2. Housekeeping..yucks !
    Painting.. oh Lord, work !
    Truth is, I’m rusty…. LOL
    Paint peels away
    Light remains
    Why paint, I’ll use glass wall.
    Thank you Eric for the brilliant idea, now I can have all the seven colors.

    1. Beautiful, Jasey my dear – glass walls are very profound.

      Man collects worthless accolades from his fellow man, unaware that he lives in enclosures, which are glass to Him.

      Much luv and hugz,

    1. I like that – white wash as the first step in denial – and in time, the advertiser actually succumbs to his own spin.

      Thank you for triggering this though.


  3. One man’s truth is another woman’s reality, subjectively speaking of course. The view from our eyes always reveals the truth we wish to perceive (at the least) and accept (at the best) still subjective however, Eric! a great “thinking” post! 🙂

    1. Well, as I’ve always maintained Penny, in such matters there are no universal right or wrong answers – only ‘answers’ that reflect on one’s life experiences, lessons learnt and perspectives/reference points.

      ‘a great thinking’ post – I take that as high compliment 🙂

      Thank you and all good wishes,

  4. I think white is the fountainhead of everything beautiful because everything when created was pure and spotless like white that’s why nothing can overcome white i mean purity . =)

  5. Philosophically speaking, sometimes, it is best to get down deep to the source and clean out the ‘rust’ rather than cover up a coat of it, before repairing. Good analogies on your little literary tidbits.

    1. Yes, such deep cleaning is definitely the way to go – if not here, certainly we will be cleansed over ‘there’ – I reckon.

      Thank you for your visit and comment, Joyce,

    1. That’s interesting, Uzo – white as the colour of purity – and I accept this norm.

      I wonder whether any colour that is unblemished, can also be pure — I need to reflect on this.

      1. Artistically, colors without blemish mean different things. White for purity, holiness, faithfulness, etc. Purple for royalty. Red for danger, romance, etc. So, to a point, I think any color that is unblemished is pure in its own right.

      2. My comment referred in particular to ‘white’ being bandied around as the colour of purity, holiness and faithfulness. This is generally accepted as the norm in many cultures and I can understand this. But not all faiths share this interpretation. For example, in the Jewish faith, Blue is the colour of holiness – not white.

      3. I never knew about the Jewish take on this. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. Well, purity goes beyond color then. Like I previously wrote, it should be something/color that can stand without blemish.

      4. I truly appreciate your response, Uzo. Thank you.

        As a former Buddhist, I too grew up with ‘blue’ as a colour of purity and holiness in one aspect of our journey. However, when I embraced the Catholic faith, white took ascendence. I can and do accept all interpretations.

        May all good wishes and thoughts shadow you, my friend,

  6. preparation is the key, to all things, look below the surface, find out what needs doing. Then the new coat will ‘take’ and fit. (mayhap the coat of many colours!!) xPenx

    1. Well, some of the worst sexual predators masquerade as men of god, I reckon. Society seeks wolves but overlooks those cloaked in sheepskin.

      As a kid, I knew of a boy who broke anything that looked pretty. When the owners complained, that boy was the loudest in voicing condemnation of the perpetrator(s) – until they caught him vandalising.

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