Visitor: “Give of your talent, spread your abundance.”

Man: “I’ve none to spare, no wealth to spread.”

Visitor: “You are rich. Look within.”

Man: “My health, hands and voice, all faded – no talent remain.”

Visitor: “Aha, but time you have, that you can give.”

Man: “I’m dying, only days remain.”

Visitor: “We are agreed then, you have no use for time.”

Man: “Even my last breath not mine but to give?”

Visitor: “And what a wondrous gift, to give all. You show others how to live.”

Man: “What do you mean, to live? You seek what little I have?”

Visitor: “Then, it is little that you give.”

Man: “Leave me be, for I fear you.”

Visitor: “Fear not, as that too I shall retrieve. There!”

Man: “That leaves me nothing.”

Visitor: “Then, I’ll take nothing, and you’ll give up — nothing.”

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Tomorrow – let’s lighten up somewhat

The Brothers Grinn return 😯



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