1970s – first images of Mars – desolate landscape

20xx – last images of Earth – desolate landscape?

Greed Prints_SIGNS

Impossible? Unlikely? Perhaps —

When the environment goes – Flora goes – Fauna goes – Man —-

Let’s consult the shaman – his bet is as good as any – wonder what the bones would reveal.

What are your thoughts on this – fight, flee or fold?


Tomorrow: Fallen Grace



    1. Signs left behind – “Man did rape these lands”

      My sentiments are – its okay to extract the ore as we require them – but, hey, restore the land with greenery or something other than your greed.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Hello Ian,

      With all the news about mining and cheap foreign labour flooding into WA – I wonder how careful they are in restoring the environment after extraction. Knowing the Australian people, I’m sure they keep the businesses and Govt on their toes.

      Cheers, Eric

      1. Dear Eric,

        I shall look forward to your prompt on Thursday as I am quite sure that I will find it most intriguing, as always. Thank you for thinking of me!

        with much gratitude and warm wishes,

  1. ‘Tis a sad commentary indeed when the rapacious greed of sundry corporations scour the globe and rape the land of all humans; the reach for Arctic riches, the shale grab in Canada, the invidious clutch of corporate lust over the vast riches in Africa, all for the almighty goddamn dollar.

    Much, too much, human suffering, all at the hands of the wealthy few.
    As Jim Morrison was wont to say, “…the time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire.”

    How true do his words ring today. It is time to make a stand. The mass of humanity cannot idly sit and allow the planet to be confiscated by a handful of psychopathic megalomaniacs.

    1. OMG! You are passionate about this – and it rings in your words!

      All you say is true, Paul. I’m a firm believer in social media – information is not totally controlled by power blocks – not anymore. This gives the “no-bodies” such as us, a voice. No victory is guaranteed, no victory comes over night. But if we feel passionately enough and keep chipping away, we’ll prevail.

      Just spread the word – again and again and again and —-

      1. Good evening, Eric,

        Indeed I am passionate about all the “no-bodies” out there in the world, the 99-percenters who only wish to live a simple, healthy, quiet, safe, and calm existence.

        The nefarious machinations perpetrated by sociopaths controlling both government and military must somehow be thwarted.

        Eric Blair must be, like our dear fragile planet, spinning in his grave.

        One must strive to overcome the madness that plagues our country, yearn to right the various Complexes that pervade society.

        Abandoning hope is not the answer; rather, a concentrated, concerted, and collective effort–by ‘mere’ citizens–can prevail and quash the fevered nightmares thrust upon a populace so conditioned by scraps of bread and circus falsehoods.

        I bid you a pleasant evening.

        Take care,

    1. Glad you picked on that word ‘vulgar’ – it was a deliberate choice and you, not surprisingly, caught my intent, Dee.

      All good wishes, Eric

  2. Sometimes I feel it’s all just so hopeless…like a dike that sprouts holes, you stop up one, only to have another begin to leak…this problem I fear cannot be addressed by the few who are disjointed…one country may be very efficient another may have corrupt governments and other’s still don’t care and don’t even believe there is a problem…until we become a united planet and finally understand that this is our home and begin to care for it as though it is our own, not an anonymous public thing but a part of us…it will be very difficult to even begin to do something significant…

    1. I believe all of us start with this ‘hopeless’ feeling when we realise the forces ranged against us. After that, some of us dust off our fears and wipe off our tears and start to do some thing – even if it seems miniscule.

      But your fears are justified and as you say, it takes concerted effort by every country to stop and reverse the trend.

  3. My initial reaction, weep for our lost lands, lost mountain tops, lost heritage the great gifts of our past that we will not past on to future generations. My next reaction? Fight to stop the greed which is so terrible, so pervasive. The greed that ruins our oceans, our valleys, our mountains.

    It isn’t natural, this greed.

    1. I believe many share your reactions, Val.

      Is greed natural – this opens up interesting and even controversial avenues. Are kindness, intelligence and all the other human attributes – good and bad – natural? The old nature versus nurture conundrum – I reckon.

      You are right about greed per se.

      Perhaps taken in a continuum – needs > wants > excesses – all so subjective, although the extreme ends stand out as right and wrong.

  4. Absolutely, significant post – one that address the vital importance of ‘awakening’ ourselves from the stupor of reverie and naught and in solidarity ignite dialogue to commence the ‘fight’ to creatively, spiritually, intellectually and actively annihilate greed and resurrect the humanness in being human to manifest strength and collective vision to save our Earth.
    Important post, doost e man! So proud of you ! Hugs.

    1. Wow! Shaheen my dear,

      So right you are –

      Man gorges himself obscene and slumbers,
      As Mother Nature cries for her children,
      Pot bellied and wide eyed innocence.
      Man the lord, but not the teacher
      Thinks he, wise enough to be preacher.

      Luv and hugz from your doost,

      1. doost e man, how I wish to take out few hours to read your blog in absolute luxurious time, thus, I continue here and there at your blog, hoping one of these weekends I can catch up to your world, very soon ! You have such a brilliant mind, one that I admire – may He always keep you safe and happy, dear doost.
        I loved your reply ! Much love.

    1. Hello there, Michelle,

      I read much about you as a result of this award. Thank you for sharing.

      Appreciate you passing on this award my way. I don’t normally go through the ‘rules’ as it were – simply don’t have the time. But shall list your nomination in my Z-Awards Page.

      Thank you and all good wishes,

  5. It’s about time we humans got our act together and sorted out our planet before it sorts us out! That said I have no objections to jetting off to a far distant world and making a fresh start 🙂

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