Quite often, many take shortcuts – remain focussed on goals – drive – push – shove – even step on others – SUCCESS 🙂

Once at the pinnacle, we survey our realms –

Opps 🙁

Treading Water

Can we resist, click TEMPTATION – read what the Dark One offers.


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    1. That is a lovely thought, Wendy

      The joy that could be found. You say much in these words.

      I simply love those pictures of flowers.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Green is my lucky colour – although I love Blue more. Strange, huh!

    1. Dear Lauren,

      We each light a candle and trust our readers to hold it up to the hieroglyphics they wish to read.

      We are not the talent or the wisdom — we are the candle holder — and that is a Blessing in itself.

      Peace, luv and hugz for a friend,

  1. Obstacles will appear so we had to make choices – the long detour or the tempting route. Temptation most often is quick on result, but we look back with shame if it was a poor choice and worst if it had hurt others. Sometimes you wonder if you even want to reach the top – is it worthwhile. Perhaps being a better person exceeds being on top.

    1. Yes, I recall a saying –

      “The higher one climbs, the more one steps on others, the more one exposes one’s butt, the greater the temptation for those below to kick it and the harder the fall.”

      Peace and hugz,

    1. Yes, Ian it is 🙂

      I actually wrote several paragraphs of prose about this – but resorted to a (short) poem instead – always challenging to say more with less.

      Cheers, Eric

    1. Hello Happy,

      Metaphors only work when we don’t bury them under too much swarf, I reckon. Like you, I had been stumped by some metaphors – but the fun is in uncovering the meanings. Archaeologists – all of us, eh 🙂

      Thank you for the visit and comment,

    1. Hello Ned,

      Yes, I figured you would.

      We seem to have an exchange where acronyms are concerned, eh 🙂

      Have a good one,
      P/s RTFM – Rolling (on) The Floor, Man – laughing 🙂

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