1. wondrous wonder in few words Eric! this is life… and this is the way… sorry not able to get your posts in reader as Iam travelling,so shall be wth ur posts soon… love,soumya

    1. I knew it would resonate with you Ian. We both share pretty much similar thoughts about life and values, I reckon.

      My wife and youngest girl are back from holidays in China and I plan to have a great weekend.

      Hope you have a great weekend too.

      Eric 🙂

    1. Very true – this is what we usually do with ‘real’ thorns – but not everyone does the same with their ‘metaphorical’ thorns. They insist on carrying the pain.

    1. Yes to that Christy B – if we can start with the shallow ones, we’ll gain the experience and confidence to rid ourselves of the deeper ones.

      I once met an acquaintance who complained loudly that she’ll never speak to ‘that man’.
      “Why,” I asked her.
      “He saw me and did not wish me!”

      Did she really need to lug that around? Sad…so sad.

  2. There are too many good things to comment about here – the lines of 5-5-3-3-5-3 read beautifully off the tongue and add a quiet structure to extensional imagery. My favorite two lines are, ‘Clothes pick thorns / Soak flower scent”

    1. Thank you Soma dear – a mantra – that’s nice. You’re always generous with your compliments.

      Yes, prayer helps, constant prayer helps constantly, I reckon.

      Luv and peace, Eric 🙂

    1. Left a comment in your Last Stand – Friday Fictioners

      “The last bullet can’t be for his horse – for him, perhaps. He doesn’t want to give his pursuers the pleasure of seeing him shit while swinging at the end of a rope.”

      1. I thought that, then he said, what if I take one with me, and get his gun? Funny how a 100 word person can have his own mind!

      2. Did you locate my comment.
        If not – go to your Comments page, you’ll probably find it sitting in the “Spam” on the topline.
        Once ‘approved’ – subsequent comments should get through.

      3. thanks — ( by the way, I put in a request for our library to carry your novel, that way I can read it and get it in front of others )

        Female trafficking has always interested me ( in the how can a man assist to stop it ), and this should be a good story and insight.

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