1. *Please delete after reading*

    Thanks for the note about my page hanging up Eric. It has been doing it to me too only not for as long as you indicate. I’ll check into it…I may have to change it! Rats! Because I really liked this one! But it’s no good if it doesn’t load properly. 🙁

    Hugs to you! Jeannie

      1. Grim Reaper…now it is getting escalated.

        Cats shrieking in horror movies, dogs howling, Birds in Alfred Hitchcock…I’ll get myself a terrapin for a pet.

      1. I was thinking of who got drowned – the cat or the owner. Is the guest now speaking to the owner or has Scratch taken over the owner’s body. Just adding to your spook !

  2. Scratch still has 8 lives left, Eric! Duh! (great flash fiction in the opinion of this mother to Miss Fluffy of the royal feline-hood!)

    1. LOL! Your comment was the first I read this morning and what a hoot it gave me 🙂
      Thank you, thank you, thank you Fiona. I love starting my mornings with laughs 🙂

  3. Was Scratch was the only ghost? How about the transient guest? The words “Sitting on my lap” is a bit puzzling. Was the guest in the picture, with Scratch sitting on his lap? I’m “scratching” my head.

    1. Interesting – yes, perhaps instead of “Sitting on my lap” – with a hidden “was”, it could have been clearer with “Was on my lap”.

      Thank you for pointing out Dee. Cheers, Eric 🙂

  4. But the cat came back, he couldn’t stay no long-er,
    Yes the cat came back de very next day,
    the cat came back—thought she were a goner,
    But the cat came back for it wouldn’t stay away.

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